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Summer is here which means barbecues, pool time, and relaxation under the sun. Mosquito’s can very quickly become a huge problem, especially in Central Florida, making your summer fun outdoors unbearable. Not only are their bites a nuisance, but they also carry serious diseases like West Nile or Zika Virus. Keep your summer fun and check out these four tips that can help you mosquito-proof your yard:

  1. Dump Excess Water
    Take a look outside for anything that can collect water from rain or your sprinklers. Check plant saucers, gutters, toys or dog bowls that can retain enough water to create a mosquito breeding ground.
  2. Clean Off Tarps and Covers
    Covers for firewood or tarps over boats can hold water you can’t usually see. Thoroughly clean them to keep mosquitoes from making a home there.
  3. Get Rid of Excess Yard Clippings
    Gather and remove extra grass, weeds, leaves, and other leftover yard clippings. This will eliminate places for them to hide out.
  4. Call a Professional
    If you already have a mosquito problem or want to avoid one altogether, contact Drake Pest Control. Our mosquito control services will help ensure that your summer outdoors is safe and fun.

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