You have probably heard dozens of theories about how to get rid of pests. Debating on ways to get rid of them? Instead of depending on unreliable home remedies that claim to get rid of pests, here are five myths about pest control Orlando that you should know.

Use Cheese as Bait in Mouse Traps

Thanks to childhood shows and cartoons, a common misconception about mice is that they love cheese. Therefore, it would make sense to use cheese as bait, right? Wrong. The truth is, mice are actually quite impartial when it comes to cheese. What they do love is peanut butter. Baiting a mouse trap with just a bit of peanut butter should usually do the trick.

Keeping Your Home Clean Will Prevent Pests

Many people believe that keeping your home spotless and clean will prevent pests from invading your home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For example, bed bugs can be found anywhere where there is warmth and moisture. This means that it is possible to find bed bugs in even the cleanest 5-star hotel.

This does not only apply to bed bugs. In general, pests will go anywhere that they will find a source of food and shelter. This means that any building can be home to them.

Having a Pet in Your Home Can Prevent Pests

It is another common misconception that the family dog or cat is completely capable of handling pests in the home. This applies specifically to rodents. Unfortunately, even if your dog or cat is capable of capturing a rodent or two, it does not mean that your pet can get the job done fully.

Just because you have a dog or cat in your home, does not mean that pests will be afraid and stay away. Rodents are known to go into places that your pet cannot, including under floors, behind walls and even air ducts. Furthermore, your pet’s food can even serve as a temptation to pests.

Pest Control is Unnecessary

Even if you do not presently see a pest issue in your home, there could be pests wreaking havoc on your home without your knowledge. Having a professional inspection done is very important.
Another reason why people may prefer not to have a professional come in is the misconception that the chemicals used can be harmful to humans. While some chemicals are dangerous to humans, your pest control professional will let you know before these chemicals are used and let you know if you need to stay away.

Using Ultrasonic Sound Will Prevent Pests

In order to avoid dangerous chemicals, many people have turned to ultrasonic devices to scare pests. They believe that this environmentally friendly option will take care of the problem while also being kind to the planet. However, the research around these devices is still not concrete.

Although it is true that pests are able to hear a range of sounds that we cannot, it is not apparent whether or not these sounds serve as a strong enough irritant to them. Many consumers have noted that even though the devices seemed to work initially, they seemed to stop working completely after a few weeks. Ultrasonic sound devices don’t seem to be an effective long term solution.


Pest control does not have to be difficult. With a pest infestation, the best option would be to call your local pest control company to handle the issue for you. Leave it to the professionals instead of turning to ineffective pest control myths.