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Identifying the early signs of a pest infestation can make all the difference when it comes to resolving a bug problem. Some infestations happen slowly and others can surprise you. Make sure that when you recognize one or more of these signs you take action.

  1. You Find a Few Pests in the House

It’s easy to think that a couple of bugs doesn’t warrant a professionals help, but in Orlando, Florida, a lot of the time a small pest problem can be the sign of a more serious infestation.

  1. You Spot Droppings, Shed Body Parts, Etc.

The second most visible indication that you already have an infestation is evidence left behind by pests. Insects will leave behind droppings, shed body parts, grease marks, and more across your home. Some droppings can be toxic so be careful and notify a professional.

  1. You Find Structural Damage

Sharing your home with pests isn’t appealing for health and cleanliness reasons, but they can also cause you financial damage. Termites are one of the top offenders. Termites will burrow their way into wood surfaces and flooring to create holes throughout your home. 

  1. You Discover Nests, Hives, Etc.

Insects will build hives, tunnels or colonies that serve as a home base once inside your house. You can find these nests in spots like inside walls, within crevices, behind appliances and the far corner of the attic.

  1. You Notice Strange Smells

When an infestation is already a serious problem you’re likely to smell it. Seasoned pest control professionals can often tell what the problem is just by the smell of the area. The smell may seem bad enough, but odors can also attract other pests.

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