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Bed bugs are major pests that can be tough to spot; they get their name from hiding in beds and feeding on humans in their sleep. It’s important to take precaution to keep these critters out and prevent an infestation. If you identify bedbugs in your home, contact us promptly to inspect the area.

5 tips to keep in mind:

  • Bed bugs like to live in the cracks of mattresses, the box spring, and potentially live in the baseboard.
  • Ensure that your mattress and the box spring are tightly zipped up in the mattress cover.
  • Put sticky tape around the feet of your bedposts to keep pests from climbing up.
  • Wash and dry sheets and pillows on the hottest setting. Keep your sheets clean.
  • Clean up clutter. Keeping your area clean gives bed bugs fewer places to hide.

There are a few ways to handle bed bugs once you find them, but it is important to hire a professional to find an ultimate solution. Contact Drake Pest for guidance to handle any bed bug situation. We are here to help and provide professional assistance.