Some insects, such as bedbugs, are a problem for people during every season of the year. However, different seasons do call for the rise and fall of many types of insects. Your home will likely become a hotspot for insects when they start preparing themselves for the upcoming seasons.

Knowing which insects are affected the most through each season will help you protect your home accordingly. The method of protection you will use may vary from season to season, with weather conditions to account for.

Seasonal Insect Problems


Spring is typically the season where insects start to come out of their nesting areas to inhabit warmer spaces. It is also the peak mating season for many insects, so they will be outside gathering food and water and preparing themselves to find a mate and a new nesting area.

Your home may unknowingly become inhabited by insects seeking shelter. So you will need to be wary of any signs or changes that occur within your home that could signal the existence of these insects.

Some of the peskiest and most common insects you will see emerging during spring are mosquitoes, ants and flies. Ants will be foraging for food inside of your home while mosquitoes will be searching for a proper breeding ground during heavy spring rains. Flies will typically seek food and shelter within people’s homes once they mature.


Insects tend to stay out of your home since summer is the perfect season for collecting food and water and finding a mate. And there will be plenty of each outside. However, you may also experience an increase in the number of mosquitoes as they search for water sources created by spring and summer rains to collect and breed.

Mosquitoes, amongst other common biting and stinging insects, are a common nuisance for people who are just trying to relax and enjoy the warm summer weather.

You will also need to keep an eye out for bee and wasp nests around your home during the summer. They become much more active due to the warm weather and moisture from spring. Typically, they will find an opening within your home to build a nest. They can quickly become a danger, so you will need to keep a sharp and frequent eye out for any possible signs of nests being built in or around your home.


During fall, insect activity will steadily decrease as they work to find shelter and resources to prepare for the upcoming winter. Many insect species will find a place within the cracks and crevices of your home to take shelter and build a nest of their own. You will need to keep your house sealed properly if you want to keep insects out during this season.

Some of the insects you might find crawling around in your home during the fall are spiders, fleas, ladybugs, and cockroaches. These insects will hide themselves within the walls of your home, and fleas will hide within your pet’s fur and the carpeted areas of your home.

They will be seeking shelter from the cold in some of the warmest areas of your home. So it is best to keep some insect killing spray around the house and give your pets anti-flea medication just in case.


In winter, insect activity decreases exponentially since they are going into hibernation to stay alive in cold weather. They will either migrate to where the weather is warmer or hole up within your home or within nature. You will need to prepare for their arrival in the fall so you can prevent them from entering your home.


The different circumstances for each season will bring about all kinds of insect activity. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare for when they arrive. You may need to use different types of pest control in order to protect your home from the insects trying to invade your home to seek shelter. If you have a recurring pest problem during any season, it is best to contact a professional pest control company in Orlando to help treat your home for pests.