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Even if you think your house is spider free there is a chance that one of these commonly found in Florida spiders could be hiding. Spiders can be elusive because prefer to be hidden and tucked away in dark corners or behind furniture which sometimes makes them hard to find.

More poisonous spiders like black widows and brown recluse spiders can be found on the outside of your home, resting quietly in undisturbed piles of debris like wood piles, cardboard boxes, and outdoor furniture. Eliminate the likelihood of pests getting in by removing their shelter and food sources or contact a pest control professional.

4 House Spiders Commonly Found in Florida Homes

  1. Black Widow: Females are a shiny black and have a red hourglass shape or red spots on their abdomen. Males are dark gray or brown, and if they have an hourglass shape it is yellow or white. Found in woodpiles, stone walls, garages, sheds, and crawlspaces.


  1. Brown Recluse: Light or dark brown, often with markings on their back. The best way to identify a recluse is by observing the eyes. Most spiders have eight eyes but recluse spiders have only six eyes arranged in pairs. Found in sheds, wood furniture, dressers, and cardboard boxes.


  1. Daddy Long Legs: Yellow to light brown sometimes gray. Known for their long, thin legs with no distinct head or abdomen. Found in crawlspaces and corners of windows, closets, ceilings, as well as sink cabinets.


  1. Domestic House Spider: Dark orange or brown, with small markings on the breastplate and dark bands on the legs. Their webs are a distinctive funnel-shape. Found in: behind furniture, cupboard corners, storage rooms, and undisturbed rooms.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Call a Drake Pest Control professional, not only do we solve your pest problem but we also eliminate the risk of spider infestations in the future. We have the knowledge and equipment to keep your home spider-free, inside and outside. Contact us at 866-815-DUCK or click here to schedule a FREE home inspection.