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During the holiday season, people pull their festive ornaments and warm sweaters out of storage. Though you may encounter a particular pests that can prevent you from enjoying your holiday season, fabric-damaging insects. The main pest to look out for are the carpet beetle and clothes moth larvae, these pests can ruin natural fibers with their feeding that creates holes. Wool sweaters, fabric holiday decorations and down comforters for you or your guests are just some of the items in your home that could be these pests’ next meal.

Carpet beetle and clothes moth larvae prefer to hide in dark secluded spots where it’s harder for you to find them. They are also usually first noticed after they have already done their damage. Irregular holes or scraped up areas can be seen in fabrics or items with natural fibers. Cocoons, skin casts or webbing can help to determine what insect has invaded your home.

Cleaning and sanitizing your home is the best at-home fix if you have an issue with these pests. Launder and seal these items in safe air tight bags after the holidays and before storing them away to decrease your chances of an attack on your belongings. Be sure to vacuum regularly in areas under furniture or by baseboards to reduce the amount of dust and organic debris.

If you live in the Central Florida area and have an infestation of clothes moths or carpet beetles, even after a deep cleaning, contact a Drake Pest professional. We have the knowledge and equipment to keep your holiday season pest free, inside and outside of your home. Contact us at 866-815-DUCK or click here to schedule a FREE home inspection.