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During the mid 1800’s a man named William Booth, along with his wife, began helping people in need. They started their journey in England by giving spiritual guidance. Their good deeds quickly attracted followers to join them on their quest to help people. Originally called the “Volunteer Army” they began to spread out of the East end of London into neighboring areas and then to other cities. In 1878 Booth decided to change the name of his organization and penned the name “Salvation Army”. By the late 1800’s the Salvation Army had spread through much of Europe and the United States. Today you can find them in virtually every corner of the world.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving the team members of Drake are giving to the people in need this Holiday season by donating clothes and non-perishable foods to the Salvation Army. There is a drop off center at their corporate headquarters located in Orlando. Drake welcomes anyone and everyone to stop by and contribute to this great foundation.