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What makes carpenter ants different from any other species of ant you may find? More importantly, how can you better keep them out of your home? Here’s what you can do and need to know.

What separates the carpenter ant from others?

There are several variations of carpenter ant that exist across the United States. You can typically find them in trees but some carpenter ants can also get inside of your home.

Carpenter ants come in different sizes and color making it not always easy to distinguish them from other types of ant. A few features of worker ants are a pinched waist, elbowed antennae and a single node between the abdomen and the thorax. The reproductive carpenter ants are winged and range in size from one-quarter to half-inch long. In some cases, in a few short days, hundreds of reproductive males and females may appear in a home as they emerge to mate.

Can carpenter ants cause damage to my home?

Despite the name, carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they do dig into wood to build their nests. The primary nests of carpenter ants are usually outdoors, in lumber or trees. However, they do create nests indoors or on roofs when there’s available moisture. Because of this, carpenter ants can cause damage typically only minor damage but in some cases serious damage can be done. They also can carry bacteria into your home that could be harmful to children or pets.

How do I get rid of ants for good?

If you see a few or a swarm of winged carpenter ants inside your Central Florida home in the spring or summer, then you are likely to have a carpenter ant nest. If this is the case, call an insect and pest expert immediately like our Drake Professionals. Call us at 1-866-498-DUCK or click here to get a FREE home inspection.