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What are Paper Wasps?

These wasps get their name simply because the nests they build are out of paper, they’re constructed out of a combination of plant material and saliva that creates an exposed comb. Paper Wasps belong to the genus Polistes and eat wood and vegetation to build their nests. A nest can typically hold a few dozen wasps including a queen but can always grow if left untreated. Each varies in shape and size but all contain a single queen that sustains the hive. A wasp infestation cannot be completely removed without the removal of the queen.

Where Will I Find a Paper Wasp Nest?

  • window corners
  • attics and crawl spaces
  • porch ceilings
  • beneath eaves and awnings
  • twigs and branches

Paper Wasp Removal

Paper Wasps become very aggressive when their nest is at risk. These wasps only attack as a defense mechanism which makes DIY removal very dangerous. Removal should be done by a professional to avoid the risk of stinging. Not only are their stings painful but can cause itching, swelling, and run the risk of infection. A Paper Wasp sting is especially threatening to those who could have an allergic reaction to their venom.

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