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There are many pests you would hate to find in your home, but cockroaches are always near the top of the list. Numerous homeowners deal with at least one type of cockroach at some point, and one of the most common is the German cockroach. These roaches can live in just about any kind of environment and can be found throughout most of the world.

A sure sign of German cockroaches can be from the droppings they leave behind. While they may be hard to spot at first if you aren’t looking, they will become apparent if you have a large infestation. The droppings look like small, dark balls that look similar to bits of black pepper. You can likely spot it on countertops, floors, around trash cans, and other areas of the home that cockroaches could’ve frequented.

In addition to their droppings, German cockroaches give off a noticeable odor that some people would describe as musty or mild. If you notice an odd smell, this could be an indication of a severe roach infestation.

The final significant sign of a German cockroach infestation is if you find egg cases. It only takes a day or so for a female cockroach to carry eggs before they hatch. If you have roaches, it won’t be long before you may start noticing broken egg capsules around your home.

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