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Pests will take any opportunity to enter your home in search of warmer harborage, especially during the holiday season.

Pests including spiders, ants, and mice typically find a way into your home through holiday decorations. That includes Christmas trees, wreaths, firewood, and any storage container. Most rodents enjoy hiding in the areas of your home you typically wouldn’t look through like attics, basements, crawlspaces, or garages. Contact us immediately if while you’re digging out decorations you find animal droppings or gnaw marks on boxes. Mice will eat anything, including wiring, be cautious to inspect any electrical decorations you have.

A great way to prevent any unwanted pests from showing up next year is to store your decorations in hard plastic bins with a tight seal. Pests can chew through any cardboard boxes and bags easily.

If you think you are having a pest problem this holiday season it’s never too late to contact us at 866-815-DUCK. We will come out and provide a treatment and find an ultimate solution for your home.