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Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit like the smell of fresh pine trees. But did you know that when you bring that fresh cut tree or wreath into your home you could also be inviting spiders, ants, and mice for the holidays?

If you want to be sure that none of these unwanted guests invade your home try these steps:

  • Remove all bird’s nests remains since they may contain mites.
  • Shake the tree firmly to oust any spiders and insects.
  • Check the branches for signs of eggs or egg cases and remove those branches.
  • Dispose any of this debris in your outside trash can.

More importantly, do not spray your tree with aerosol pesticides. These products are highly flammable and can do more harm than good. Most insects will die within a few days due to lack of food and can be vacuumed up after falling from the tree.

Make sure to seal tightly all leftovers to prevent roaches and rodents from having their own holiday feast! Remember to remove trash nightly.

Want to prevent unwanted pests from appearing next year? Put decorations in hard plastic bins that have a tight seal, pests can easily chew through cardboard boxes and bags.

Make sure the only guests in your home for the holidays are welcomed guests!

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