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New Smyrna Beach Lawn Care

For over 30 years, Drake Lawn & Pest Control has specialized in the treatment of lawns, palm trees and shrubs in New Smyrna Beach, and throughout Volusia County. Our professional lawn care technicians are trained on the common plants and shrubs that flourish in Central Florida’s environment. We understand that every lawn is different. And must be treated as such. Drake’s granular lawn fertilizers & liquid applications are custom blended to meet the demands of your property at the time of lawn treatment.

New Smyrna Beach lawn treatment services include:

  • Weed control
  • Fire Ant & Flea control
  • Chinch Bug Control & Removal
  • Fungus & Lawn disease control
  • Additional Lawn Care Treatments at no charge
  • Granular Fertilizer applied 2x a year

If your lawn, palms or shrubs die due to insects while under our care, we will replace them with a plant of equal or better value. Guaranteed.