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Ormond Beach Lawn Care

Drake Pest Control specializes in the treatment of lawns & shrubs in Ormond Beach, Florida. Our lawn care professionals are trained to spot and quickly treat disease and damage including Chinch Bugs to your lawn and shrubs for any size yard in Ormond Beach & throughout Volusia county.

Drake Pest Control has over 30 years’ experience working in the Ormond Beach community. We understand the unique environment with excessive humidity and stress that our Central Florida lawns go through and know how to prevent weeds and disease from overtaking the landscape.

We do not believe in the generic mixing of pesticides and will never apply an “off-the-shelf” product to your lawn or shrub. Our lawn care & pest control services include palm and shrub care, insect control, fungus and disease control, fertilizer application, and more.

If your lawn, palm trees or shrubs die due to insects while under our care, we will replace them with a plant of equal or better value. Guaranteed.