Termite Control

Whether you have termites in your house or want to protect your home from these pests. Our integrated A.I.M.® pest protection process works to assess your home, implement solutions, and monitor potential termite problems. We don’t just eliminate termites though! Visit our main page to see all the pests we can remove from your home. Without a thorough inspection of your home, termite activity can remain undetected for years.

Termites can thrive in Central Florida due to the warmer local climate. At Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we handle termite control quickly and effectively to protect your home from significant termite damage. Many homeowners have no idea of a termite infestation until it’s too late. Whether you’re a homeowner worried about termites in your house or a local business owner, you can rely on Drake Lawn & Pest Control to get the job done.

Signs of their activity can show up unexpectedly, while others are discovered by accident or they get noticed during an inspection. Here are some signs you have termites in your house.