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Are you finding bumps and bites on your skin the morning? Read these tips and learn how to check your home for a bed bug infestation. Once you’ve confirmed that you have an infestation remember to take care of it as fast as you can.

Bed bugs may be great at hiding from you in your home but they are horrible at covering up their tracks. Look for these traces in order to determine if your room is overrun with bedbugs:


  • Exoskeletons, clear empty casts, bedbug skins
  • Fecal stains on sheets or blankets
  • Blood stains on mattress or bedding

Looking for a bed bug bite might be harder than you think. Why? Because bed bug bites can look really similar to bites from other insects like mosquitos or rashes like hives. It’s also common for people to have even no reaction to bed bug bites. To determine signs and symptoms you should look for:

  • Burning and itching welts
  • Series of red bite rashes
  • Lines of bed bug bites

In order to treat bed bug bites first, wash the bites with soap and warm water. This helps prevent infection and also reduces itchiness. If the bite does itch, you can pick up a corticosteroid cream from your local drug store or contact your doctor if you need a stronger corticosteroid cream.

Unfortunately getting rid of bed bugs requires more than just stopping your bites from itching. As a bed bug infestation grows, the bites will continue and worsen overtime. To find a real solution to your bed bug problem and rest easy contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control here or call 866-815-DUCK