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With winter long gone in Florida, it’s time to get your lawn in shape for summer. Not only to make maintenance easier but to also give your home a little extra curb appeal. No one enjoys having brown grass, follow these three lawn care tips to give your yard the boost it needs this spring.


Now is the time to provide a good fertilizer to your grass and woody ornamental plant material. Nutrients have been used throughout the winter and it’s a good idea to replenish the plants nutrients to cope with the summer conditions. A good balanced fertilizer will also provide a thick, green and healthy lawn. And a thick healthy lawn will have a better chance to fight off diseases and help to prevent a weed infestation.

Check Your Irrigation

The weather is getting warmer and dry spots are starting to show in the lawns across central Florida. Check all irrigation heads to ensure proper coverage and distribution.


Proper Maintenance

Whether you do it yourself or have a landscape service, proper weekly maintenance is critical in achieving a great looking lawn. Cutting at the proper height and having a sharp blade will put less stress on your turfgrass, help deter a weed infestation and provide a healthier overall lawn.

Prepping before lawn care season begins in Central Florida can make maintenance much easier. Have the best grass on the block by following these tips and calling a Drake professional here to help you with your lawn care maintenance. With our lawn care services, you’re guaranteed a thicker and greener lawn in two weeks!