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House mice are typically shorthaired with a brown, gray, or a black coat. They have large ears and small black eyes. An adult is usually 5-7 inches long, including the 3-4 inch tail.

Because House Mice are so small, they can easily gain entry through the smallest cracks. They only need ¼ of an inch to squeeze into a home. The only limitation they have is their skull; if a mouse can fit its head through a hole, the rest of its body will fit too. Keep this fact in mind when checking your home for any small openings.

You may have a mice infestation if you hear sounds coming from your walls or attic or find chewed wood or wiring. Critters like mice search for secluded areas to create homes. Mice like to burrow and make nests out of shredded paper or other fibrous materials. Successful mouse control is maintained by limiting shelter and food sources whenever possible.

Removing these pests on your own can pose a real problem; they may be small but they can still carry various diseases. It’s important to act fast in order to keep this potential threat away from your children or pets.

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