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The Pharaoh Ant is a common household ant that carries a set distinction a part from other ants of being the most difficult household ant to control. The ant gets its name from being mistaken as part of the ancient Egyptian plagues. These small pests measure at about 2mm long. They have yellow bodies with red and black markings on their abdomen. Once a female lays eggs it takes about 38 days for it to hatch. Females can live for 4 to 12 months while worker ants live up to 10 weeks.

Pharaoh ants have unique qualities; they can have multiple queens and are able to move colonies from place to place easily by budding. Budding is when a small group of worker ants and a single queen migrate away to start another colony. This means that pharaoh ants can have multiple colonies in one home.

These ants are prone to seek shelter during winter. They are excellent at placing themselves in well-hidden areas. They also nest on lawns in warmer temperatures. These pests are considered hazardous because of their ability to spread disease.

They eat just about anything, including other insects, but have a particular liking for sweets. Pharaoh ants can be found invading walls, cabinets, refrigerator insulation, hollow curtain rods, and various other undisturbed spaces. Pharaoh ants can be tough to control, if you are having issues please contact us for professional assistance.