With supermarkets offering a wide array of DIY pest control substances, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need pest services and can do it yourself. No matter what type of pest is bothering you, there seems to be a shelf-brand solution made for it.

Unfortunately, pest control isn’t actually as simple as these shelf-brand solutions make it out to be. In fact, it’s quite dangerous, and when you take matters into your own hands, it can be extremely unsafe and unhealthy.

Why is DIY Pest Control Dangerous?

There are many reasons why DIY pest control is dangerous, but most of them stem from the fact that most people aren’t experts in pest control. Knowing how to use the spray, trap, or use whatever you bought isn’t enough to ensure that you and your family are safe.

  1. Potential for Illness

When you use a shelf-brand solution for pest control, there’s a very high risk that it can make you or your pets sick. Whether it’s a gel bait or a spray, shelf-brand pest control can cause a number of health concerns.

DIY pest control methods use chemicals that can cause upset stomachs, cause seizures, or even reduce the amount of oxygen in your home. These all lead to even more serious health issues that can be easily avoided by not using DIY methods.

  1. Accidental Ingestion

If you have children or pets, you can never be absolutely sure that they won’t somehow ingest the chemical or toxin you’ve bought to get rid of the pests. Kids always seem to get into places they aren’t allowed, and pets are especially vulnerable as they tend to be left alone for hours. Even if you think you’ve isolated the treated area, there’s always a risk.

Accidental ingestion can happen when using the product, after it’s been applied, or even when it’s just sitting on a shelf. If you have DIY pest control methods in your home, there is always going to be some worry that it is accidentally inhaled or ingested.

  1. Accidents in Usage

Many people think that DIY solutions are easy to use, and a lot of the time, they are. However, that doesn’t mean that the occasional accident won’t happen. The pests you’re trying to get rid of may swarm or bite, leading to potential diseases and injury. You may find yourself on an unstable ladder or stuck in a crawlspace. Sometimes, the dangers of DIY pest control aren’t even in the product you use, but they can and do still happen.

  1. Exposure to the Pests

When you think of DIY pest control dangers, you probably think of the chemicals and toxins in the product. You probably don’t even realize that some pests themselves can be dangerous.

Mouse urine, for example, can lead to many health complications. If you don’t know how to take the right protective measures, you can easily fall ill or catch a disease while trying to get rid of the pest. Insects can also carry diseases, and when they sting or bite in defense, they can transfer this disease to you. 

Leave Your Pest Control To Drake Pest

No matter what type of pest you’re facing, it’s never a good idea to take matters into your own hands. From the dangerous chemicals used in most pest control products to the risk of disease or health problems simply by exposing yourself to the pests, it’s safest to leave pest control to our professionals. With Drake Pest’s experts on your side, you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe and the pests will be eliminated effectively.

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