Seeing a cockroach or two in your home may not be very concerning to you. However, cockroach infestations can occur before you know it, so you should put an end to the problem before they multiply exponentially.

Cockroaches are more dangerous than you probably know, and they are hard to kill once they have infested your home. Hiding in small crevices and corners inside your house, they are known to spread many diseases. Here are a few signs to tell you if you have a roach infestation.

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3 Things to Know About Cockroach Infestations


Cockroaches have a distinct odor that becomes even stronger when you have an infestation. You might not notice this odor when there are only a few but you will eventually start smelling it when they multiply. They emit a strong and musty odor that can even affect how you taste and smell things in your house. 

There are a few species of cockroaches that can reproduce extremely quickly, so imagine what a whole hoard of cockroaches could make your house smell like over an extended period. This is why it’s vital to call our pest control service when you first pick up on their odor, so they do not become a bigger problem.

Dead Roaches

Seeing dead roaches scattered around your house can be one of the most obvious signs of a possible infestation. If you set up roach traps around your house and discover cockroach carcasses littered around in those areas, it’s time to give us a call. Be sure to check under bathroom sinks, inside cabinets, in cracks and crevices, and any other location you can think of. Cockroaches can hide and lay their eggs in even the smallest hiding places.

Roaches Appearing During the Day

If you see roaches crawling through your house during the daytime, it is definitely time to call an exterminator. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and only really come out in the daytime if their nesting areas are cramped. So if you see a couple of cockroaches out and about during the day, there could actually be dozens more lurking in your home that you haven’t noticed.

Cockroaches can pick up on each other’s scent, which signals a new place to move to. This can cause a huge infestation before you know it. If you notice them growing larger in quantity and moving freely about your house during the daytime, call us as soon as possible and don’t give them the opportunity to multiply further.

Why is a Cockroach Infestation Problematic?

Cockroaches can eat just about anything, even things that are not meant to be edible such as soap and glue. They are also known to be extremely tough, surviving up to a month without eating anything and still surviving just fine. In fact, they can survive without their heads and are extremely difficult to kill. 

These factors make them even more dangerous than you probably imagined. A cockroach infestation is often notoriously aggressive so you don’t want to neglect the problem and let them reproduce quickly.


Cockroaches are more dangerous than you might have initially thought. They have the ability to spread diseases and survive harsh conditions. Once they have multiplied and scattered around your house, it will be even harder to deal with them. Call our professional pest control experts and stop the problem right away.