The temptation to do your own pest control is strong, but don’t fall for it. There are many reasons why pest control is best left to professionals, but here are just a few.

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Why You Should Not Do Pest Control by Yourself

DIY Solutions Are Only Temporary

Over-the-counter pest control substances don’t have the same chemicals and ingredients as professional-grade solutions. This is because the sellers must fall within certain legal requirements. As such, not only are home pest control solutions less effective, they don’t actually solve your problem.

DIY solutions will take care of whatever pests you see, but they won’t help with the pests that you can’t see. For example, while you may see hundreds of little ants in your kitchen, you don’t see the nest where they’re coming from. Professionals will hunt down the nest and take care of the problem from there, providing a more permanent solution to the problem. 

You May Get Hurt

Homeowners aren’t trained to handle the chemicals and tools used for pest control. So even if you carefully read through the label, there’s always the risk that you’ll miss something and either expose yourself to harmful chemicals or assemble the device incorrectly. 

Our pest control professionals have been carefully trained to handle and assemble any chemicals and devices they may use to treat an infestation. Where you may struggle, a professional will be able to provide expert help without the risk of anyone getting hurt.

You May Not Correctly Identify the Pest

Some insects look alike, and without the right knowledge, you may incorrectly identify a pest. While you may get lucky and be able to use one chemical for various pests, this isn’t as effective as using targeted practices to get rid of the pest you have. If you get unlucky and use the wrong product, you won’t get rid of your problem and will expose yourself to unnecessary chemicals.

With years of experience and expert knowledge, our pest control professionals will be able to correctly identify your pest by looking at their habits and patterns. We may not even need to see the pest to assess your home and provide you with the right solution. 

You Put the Environment at Risk

When you handle chemicals at home, there’s a much higher risk that the area around you is harmed. Animals may get into the chemicals when you aren’t paying attention, or the wrong creature may come across your trap. If you don’t know how to dispose of the pest control products you use correctly, you could also contaminate water or harm the local plant life.

Although pest control solutions are rarely environmentally friendly, there are certain practices that can help protect the environment and the animals around the treatment area. Professionals will know how to properly dispose of chemicals, where to set up traps, and how to protect the surrounding area.

You’ll Waste Money

If you buy the wrong product, you’ll have to return to the store to find something else. If you don’t correctly identify the pest or where they’re coming from, you’ll have to get more products to treat the infestation. At-home solutions are also only temporary, so you’ll likely keep dealing with the problem for several months.

In the long run, trying to take care of pests on your own can become much more expensive than simply hiring a professional to come in and take care of the problem at once. A professional will be able to address the problem at its source and will use the right products the first time. After they’ve finished, you won’t have to worry about the problem coming back.


Many people try to save time and money by choosing to do pest control by themselves, but many problems can arise and it simply isn’t safe. To get the problem solved right to first time and to protect yourself and the surrounding area, it’s best to hire a professional like us.