Cluster Fly Removal Services

What is a cluster fly?

A cluster fly is a pretty general term considering there is a vast amount of flying insects in the genus that is known as Pollenia. A cluster fly looks a lot like a regular housefly. They tend to be 7mm long and black, with long reddish eyes and their thorax covered in short hairs. Compared to your standard house fly, cluster flies tend to fly much more slowly; which makes them easier to swat.

Cluster flies usually get in your home during the winter and fall seasons so they can escape the cold weather. This results to them hibernating in your house until the spring and summer months — these flies like to hide out in places such as the attic or inside of your walls where they can stay reasonably warm.

The main reason you should take a cluster fly infestation seriously is these flies are known for spreading diseases in their unsanitary nature. Thankfully, cluster flies are not as unhealthy as their counterparts. They don’t usually eat garage and waste products like their cousin. Cluster flies lay eggs in the soil and the larvae they hatch then burrow into the ground where they eat earthworms. These larvae will infest worms and live off of them as parasites which can spread diseases all around your home.

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When you encounter a cluster fly problem, one of the ways to stop the infestation is to prevent them from coming into your house. Like you would do with any other pests, you need to make sure that all cracks and spaces are securely sealed off in your home’s siding. Additionally, you need to make sure places such as where your roof meets the wall, roofing tiles, and screens that lead into the attic are blocked off.

However, the best way to stop your pest problem is to call Drake Lawn & Pest Control before the winter time arrives. Our trained pest control professionals in Orlando are the people you want to give you the solutions you need for your cluster fly problems. We have the skills and knowledge to find places where these cluster flies can get in and where they like to hide. Here at Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we take care of your home with a treatment plan that eliminates your infestation and other pests that are looking to use your home as their new winter vacation destination.

Drake Lawn & Pest Control specialists use numerous methods to get rid of pest problem that includes but not limited to:

Convenient exterior and interior treatments to establish a pest free zone year round.

A guarantee removal of your pests.

Environmental friendly products and procedures to ensure we won’t be damaging the area around your property.

At Drake Lawn & Pest Control we understand the difference between a cluster, blow, and house flies, as well as many different types of pests. Our specialists know where the hiding spots are and can easily find where these flies have laid eggs. We can offer you the treatment you need, as well as, provide you with solutions that prevent his nuisance from happening again.