Yellow Jacket Removal Services

Yellow Jackets are considered highly aggressive stinging insects that are generally found during the summer and fall. These insects build large ball-shaped nests and get their name due to their black and yellow colors on their bodies. Like other types of wasps, yellow jackets are viewed as very beneficial to the environment. Yellow jackets provide arthropods to ants that that can lead to more pests. On the other hand, yellow jackets can give painful stings to people if they feel threatened.

Yellow jackets can sting someone multiple times, and for some people, a yellow jacket sting can be life-threatening. Most people who have been hurt by a yellow jacket when home or property owners attempted to remove the nests on their own.

We recommend that you never try to remove a nest by yourself. This process should always be left to trained pest control professionals and Drake Lawn & Pest Control will be there to help you through every step of the process.

These wasps usually build their nests to the size of a basketball or larger. Compared to their counterpart’s paper wasps, yellow jackets make both aerial and underground nesting sites. These nests contain more than 15,000 species at one time. Yellow Jackets nests can be spotted in many different places around your property such as:

• Structural voids on homes

• Sheds

• Garages

• Shrubs

• Bushes

• Doorway entries

• Corners around the house

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Yellow jacket removal can be tricky at times because they live in the ground and entrances to their nests may not always be visible. Therefore, whenever you are just walking around the yard or cutting the grass a very unpleasant surprise can be sprung on you. When you discover a nest and are ready to get rid of them, the first thing you should do is contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control. Not only do we make the Orlando pest removal process fast and painless for you, we use the proper gear and equipment so that none of the yellow jackets get hurt in the process.

We take pride in relocating the nests of stinging wasps since they still provide an essential purpose as part of our ecosystem. Instead of spraying them with harmful chemicals or other dangerous substances, our yellow jacket removal service can get these insects out of your way to a location that is both safe to you and them.

At Drake Lawn & Pest Control we offer yellow jacket removal services seven days a week, and also provide treatments to ensure that you don’t have any further instances at your home or business. In Central Florida, we will always respond to your help to make sure you are getting the results you want.

Drake Lawn & Pest Control experts give yellow jacket removal services that include:

Inspection – When you first call us, our specialists will conduct a full inspection and confirm if your property is indeed infested and identify where your nests are.

Treatment Recommendation – Our trained professionals will make the proper treatment recommendations to you once we have inspected everything that way, we know the most effective way to get rid of your problem.

Yellow Jacket Removal – Once you are satisfied with our treatment plan and service we will then follow through with the removal of the yellow jackets, and we won’t stop until every wasp has been relocated off your property.