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Here at Drake Lawn & Pest Control, our mission is to provide effective and environmentally-responsible pest control services to Florida. We seek to protect the environment by utilizing integrated pest management strategies and eco-friendly treatments that will safeguard the safety and health of both our customers and employees.

Our goal has always been to treat our customers with honesty, respect, and great service. We want to be the pest control company that people can trust to get the job done right without any hidden fees or surprises. Most of all, we want our customers to be satisfied with our effective pest control approach.

We know that word-of-mouth is extremely powerful when it comes to recommendations. So we’ll keep working hard every day to earn our customers’ loyalty and become the top choice for all their pest control needs.

Certified Technicians

Whether it’s a roach problem, rats, termites, or any other home pest, we’ve got our clients covered – and we’ll always do right by them.

A Reputable Pest Control Company You Can Trust

While Drake Lawn & Pest Control first opened its doors in 2004, founders Brandon and Jerry have been protecting homes and businesses from pests for over five decades combined. With a focus on consistently training all our pest technicians, we take pride in being an industry leader and serving our clients well.

Drake Lawn & Pest Control is proud to be an A+ BBB Accredited business that also has received the Angi Super Service Award multiple times.

Our Integrated Pest Management Approach

At Drake Pest Control, we believe in an integrated pest management approach. This means that we use a combination of methods to control and prevent pest infestations. Our methods include:

Pest Control Money Back Guarantee

Drake Promises to protect your home and family from general household pests. Drake will provide any necessary retreatments at no additional cost. If Drake does not eliminate pests within 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.

*Ask Your Technician For Details

Pest Control Services Offered

Residential Pest Control Services

Drake Lawn & Pest Control provides comprehensive pest management solutions for homes. Our trained residential pest control technicians perform thorough inspections to identify any pest issues present, such as ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, or other common household pests. From there, we design a customized plan using methods that target the specific pests safely and effectively.

Ant and roach baits, gels, or dusts are applied in cracks, crevices, and other entry points to control insects in a low-impact manner. Our technicians are also licensed and fully equipped to treat structural wood-destroying organisms like termites using liquid applications or termite bait systems.

During warmer months when mosquitoes and ticks pose health risks, Drake Lawn & Pest Control offers yard treatments for residential lawns and landscaping. We also humanely eliminate rodents from homes using safe removal techniques along with sealing entry points to prevent future pest problems. With us in charge of your residential pest control, you no longer have to worry about sharing your home with pests.

Commercial Pest Control Services

We know how important it is for commercial businesses to protect their customers, employees, and inventory from pests. Whether you run a restaurant, warehouse, office building, or other large property, our experienced technicians have got you covered.

Our commercial pest management program starts with our technicians thoroughly inspecting both interior and exterior areas to detect and address issues with cockroaches, mice, birds, or other pests that could pose risks in food service or storage facilities.

With our integrated pest management approach, we develop customized service plans for commercial clients. Our regular inspections and preventative treatments will help keep your property pest-free year-round, protecting your business operations and reputation. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver commercial solutions that are both effective at eliminating common pests and compliant with regulations.

Common Pests We Treat:

  • Cockroach
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquito
  • Termites
  • House Cricket
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Spider
  • Cluster Fly
  • Box Elder Bug
  • Paper Wasps
  • Silverfish
  • European Earwig
  • Beetle
  • Centipede
  • Brown Dog Tick
  • Millipedes
  • Pill Bug
  • Ant

Customer Testimonials

We take immense pride in offering great customer service.
Don’t just take our word for it – see what other homeowners, business owners, and property managers are saying.

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We have spent the past 19 years establishing ourselves as the premier provider of comprehensive pest control solutions in the Orlando area. With our team of licensed technicians who maintain ongoing training and certifications, our clients can feel confident that their pest issues are being addressed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Whether you need help with termite control, ants, cockroaches, bugs, rodents, or other common pests, we’ll always customize a plan for each unique situation.

Don’t share your space with pests any longer and restore a healthy environment to your home or commercial space. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection and let our experts create a customized solution and detailed treatment plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pest Control Solutions

What is integrated pest management?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to pest control that combines various methods like sanitation, exclusion, biological controls and targeted chemicals in the most eco-friendly way.
What pest control services do you offer?
We have helped our clients tackle various pest problems, from eliminating carpenter ants to mosquito control and termite protection. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your specific pest infestation.
How quickly can you start my pest control service?
For most general pest issues, we can begin treatments within 1-2 business days of your call. Termite treatments may require more scheduling coordination.
Are your treatments safe for children and pets?
Yes, when used as directed, our methods are safe. However, we still recommend keeping pets and children away from treatment areas until dry. We strictly use EPA-registered products that are designed to control common pests effectively while being low toxicity to humans and animals. All our technicians are fully licensed and trained to apply chemicals safely according to the label instructions.
How important are preventative pest control treatments?
Preventative pest control is certainly important. It helps avoid property damage from pests like termites and will save you money versus relying on reactive treatments after an infestation is established.