Paper Wasps Removal Services

What is a Paper Wasp?

Paper wasps commonly get their name from the paper-like material their nests are made out of. Paper wasps are from a group of several species in the vespid wasp family. These stinging insects are considered semi-social creatures since they live in small colonies and don’t have a worker caste. There are about 22 known paper wasp species in North America and hundreds in the world. Similar groups of wasps that a lot of people are familiar with are yellow jackets, hornets, and mason wasps.

If there is a paper wasp that has built a nest around your home, there’s a good chance you will notice it, even though that’s not always the case. Most of the time, their nest will be round and appear that it’s made from grey paper. It will also be hanging upside down on a single stalk from a horizontal location. Paper wasps always need to keep their nest protected. Therefore, they tend to build them in areas that provide secured shelter, making them a particularly tricky pest to remove. Here are some places that you may spot a paper wasps nest:

• Undersides of balconies or arches

• Porch ceilings

• Under overhanging eaves and awnings

• Window corners

• Beneath porches and decks

• Inside gas grills and hose reels

• Attics and crawl spaces

When you spot a paper wasp nest think twice before deciding to remove the nest yourself. A lot of people don’t realize that a paper wasp queen is the key to their survival. So, in order to protect her, they will sting you to ensure her safety since stinging is all they have. Not to mention, some people are very allergic to paper wasp stings so it’s extremely important to stay away from these wasps to avoid any kind of serious reaction or symptoms.

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Nonetheless, whether or not you’re allergic to wasps a sting never feels good. Removing a nest on your own puts you in a dangerous situation filled with dozens of potentially aggressive wasps, each of which is very capable of stinging you multiple times. We recommend staying clear and letting a professional remove the wasp nest.

The best thing you can do is call at Drake Lawn & Pest Control. Our pest control specialists in Orlando are trained to find the wasp’s nest and make sure all of the wasps have been safely removed without any harm. We also think about how these nests impact your family, pets, and your yard; because in some circumstances paper wasps can swarm if they feel threatened or create a new nest if the first one was not removed properly.

At Drake Lawn & Pest Control we will discuss the situation with you and schedule a property inspection that way we can assess your issue for the safest way to remove the nests. Then we will figure out a treatment plan to get rid of them effectively.