Spider Removal Services

A vast amount of people are terrified of seeing a spider in their home or business. For the most part, spiders are entirely harmless. Spiders evoke more of psychological damage than physical. Fear of spiders is a reasonable concern for individuals considering some spiders can be extremely deadly. However, a misconception exists that spiders actively seek out people to bite.

The truth is spiders will bite people but only as a last resort. People are more of a threat to spiders than spiders are to us. Nonetheless, a spider infestation is still a huge problem that nobody wants to see. If you have a spider infestation, there is a good chance you have other pests as well.

When you think its time for a spider removal service, you need someone who is reliable, dependable and knows the best treatments for your problem. Drake Lawn & Pawn Control can help fix your problem by removing the webs and making sure that the spiders don’t come back in your home.

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Here at Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we take pride in our Orlando pest control specialists knowing exactly how to deal with the process of spider removal. Our trained professionals understand where to look for the spiders in their hiding places and use state-of-the-art procedures to remove these pests.

Ways to prevent spiders from invading your home include:

• Vacuum on a consistent basis – Vacuum under hidden spots like workshops, backs of cupboards, or behind large furniture

• Remove webs

• Fill in gaps – in walls, around any pipes, and under door entries

• Remove shelter sites – For example, piles of firewood, compost bags, or clutter around your property.

• Use your lighting with caution – Spiders and other insects are extremely attracted to light, so be careful to use light in a way that is less attractive to your pests.

• Ventilate – Make sure your crawlspaces and attic are well ventilated and clear of moisture.

As with many different types of pests, spiders can have a significant impact on your business. If your infestation is located, somewhere public spiders-web can potentially lead to customers avoiding your business. Drake Lawn & Pest Control professionals are trained for dealing with numerous spiders’ species that you usually find in the Central Florida area. We understand which spiders pose a real to your property and can present a health risk and which ones is less of a threat. Our specialists will remove their webs and offer you advice on how to prevent them from returning.

Professional spider removal is highly recommended since the process can be dangerous when attempting to do it on your own. When you decide to contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control for your spider treatment services you get fully-licensed technicians that will perform a comprehensive inspection of your property. Drake Lawn & Pest Control has the skills to inspect areas where spiders are found and remove them from cracks and voids.

After our specialists have properly inspected your property and identified your spider infestation, we will propose multiple solutions designed to control the outbreak. Different infestations will call for individual treatment solutions. No matter your issue, Drake Lawn & Pest Control will be there professionally and effectively to ensure your infestation is resolved.