European Earwig Removal

Our expert pest control specialists know that European earwigs are a pest that many living in Central Florida have to deal with. Here are some tips on how to spot them, how they behave, and how you can remove them before they become a major pest control problem.


Like all earwigs, European earwigs’ most distinguishable feature is the two intimidating-looking forceps (or pincers) protruding from their abdomen. While these aren’t poisonous or used to latch themselves to the insides of people’s ears, they are used as a means of defense from attacks as from predators and rivals. They tend to grow to about 16 mm in adulthood while the nymphs look like wingless versions of adults, and reach maturity after undergoing 4 to 5 molts.


Behavior-wise, European earwigs function much like regular earwigs. They are omnivorous, preferring to eat sprouting and decaying vegetation and other insects. They are nocturnal creatures as they operate mostly at night. Like other insects, they are drawn to light sources during this time, and will flock to sources such as patio lights if given the chance.

Preferred Environment

Since European earwigs are nocturnal creatures, this means that they tend to hide out during the day in secure areas throughout the house in various cracks and crevasses. They prefer cool, damp areas, and may take up residence in certain areas of the house like kitchens, basements, and bathrooms during periods of warm weather.

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Why You May Experience A European Earwig Infestation

While full-blown infestations are rare, earwigs may enter your home through various openings due to climate changes if there are areas that are cold and wet, and may create an infestation. Another way in which potential infestations can occur is the secretion of pheromones by European earwigs that attract others of their species.

How To Get Rid Of Them

Here at Drake Lawn & Pest Control we are experts at European earwig removal. We work with you individually to make sure that your property is pest-free. We will continue to work with you beyond our initial treatment in order to maintain total infestation control. After all, earwig removal isn’t a one-and-done situation but rather an ongoing process.

Prevention Methods

The best protection against infestation is prevention. This must be done by first addressing their hiding places and weeding them out so that they can be eliminated. The best prevention method is to ensure that your home’s exterior is unwelcoming to earwigs. Clear any debris like logs, stones, or wood piles from the area, and create a 6″ to 12″ dry zone around the foundation that is free of dead leaves, and other material that may attract earwigs. You can also remove outdoor lighting sources in your yard to ultimately eliminate bugs from your home, or even replace white bulbs with less-attractive yellow bulbs.

Other methods of outdoor-based prevention include ensuring that your gutters and rainspouts drain water away from the house. You may also want to trim any hedges or branches around your house that can create cooler, damper areas around the property.

Another useful practice is to make the inside of your home inhospitable. You can prevent the accumulation of moisture in certain areas of the home with tools such as dehumidifiers, and repair any damages to the structure of your home that may allow entry for European earwigs, such as door malfunctions or damages to your crawl space vents.

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