House Cricket Removal Services

At times when you’re relaxing at home and you can hear the crickets chirping, it can have a calming effect. However, whenever you hear that same calming, chirping from the inside of your house while you’re trying to sleep there’s a problem. When that moment comes, it’s time to contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control.

What is a house cricket?

House crickets are typically found inside and around your house. These insects can grow to be 2cm in length when they reach adulthood. They are mainly a light brown color and have a few stripes on their head. Additionally, they have sleek like looking antennas and wings that remain close to their body.

For the many reasons other insects invade your home, these crickets come in for the same reason. They are trying to find food and water. A lot of crickets are attracted to pet food, as well as, lettuce, or fruits. Therefore, if you find yourself with a house cricket infestation be sure to keep these items stored away where any insects can’t reach them. A couple of these crickets can easily become a vast amount since they reproduce quickly so if you see a couple of crickets contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control immediately so we can handle your problem effectively.

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Crickets are more of a nuisance than anything else. They spend their days mostly burrowing beneath stones, under piles of dirt, logs, or plants. At night is when they are most active, and the male’s chirp can become extremely loud. Depending on the air temperature will dictate the crickets chirping rates; usually the warmer it is, the louder the chirping will be.

Some of the best methods to get rid of crickets are:

• Reduce the moisture in areas around your home.

• Move any woodpiles away from structures.

• Consistently mow your lawn and keep your plants trimmed.

• Change your lights outside to duller lights since house crickets are attracted to bright lights.

• Keep lids on all garbage in and out of the house.

• Make sure all of your gutters are kept clean on a regular basis.

Cricket traps and bug sprays can successfully solve a cricket infestation. However, the best pest removal solution is to call Drake Lawn & Pawn Control. Crickets make their way into hidden or places that are very hard to access such as wall cavities. Since it can be hard to get crickets out of their secure homes, Drake Lawn & Pest Control specialists have been trained and have the necessary tools to take care of the crickets inside of your home.

Our skilled professionals are qualified to diagnosis your pest problems in Orlando. Following an initial inspection of your property, we develop a plan to decide on what’s the best course of action into your home or business. Our certified pest specialists have years of experience and will handle your infestation in the most effective and safe manner that best suit your needs.