Silverfish Removal Services

We let people with a silverfish infestation know many homes have this common pest. It is a creature that can be up to 19mm long resembles a teardrop in shape. This pest got its name because most of them are silver however, they can also be shades of blue, white or brown. Our experts at Drake Lawn & Pest Control are here to help.


Some people are upset by the appearance of Silverfish, but these pests are not a danger to humans while pet owners should make certain their cats or dogs do not eat them. These pests will cause damage to household goods and like to feed on materials that contain high levels of starch or protein. They are most active at night and can cause damage to clothing, books, stored food and more. Silverfish live in places where it is dark and damp, places such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and attics. The most common area these pests are found are in boxes stored either in sheds or garages.

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Decrease Humidity

An effective way for you to work toward not having a silverfish infestation is to decrease the amount of humidity in your home. This could involve fixing leaky pipes, utilizing a dehumidifier as well as even closing shower curtains to completely dry out. Put shortly, the lower the level of humidity, the less chance of silverfish being in a home. Tricks to decreasing humidity in the home include setting the thermostat to 78 degrees and putting packets of silica in the cupboards of your home. This will ultimately help reduce humidity and the possibility of these bugs harboring themselves in your goods.


Walls in your home should be examined regularly and free of cracks at all times. If you notice any cracks or holes they should be sealed up with caulk immediately as these could become easy entry points for silverfish. Should you have rooms in your home where the wallpaper is peeling, this could also prove to be an issue. Silverfish are also attracted to glue which would make open walls even more enticing.


Properly dealing with a silverfish infestation will require treating adult silverfish as well as their offspring. There are homemade remedies that may have initial success, but over time, they have proven to be ineffective. After a short period of success, it is very likely you will experience another infestation of silverfish. Some people have tried the use of silverfish traps which have shown short term success but are not effective in the long term. This is when it is important to call a professional exterminator to take care of the infestation permanently.

Professional Exterminator

Most silverfish infestations will require treatment by pest control professionals who have the tools and experience to eliminate them. We can analyze the situation in your home and decide what would be the best method of eliminating your silverfish problem.

If you suspect your home has silverfish, it is important to contact us today. Our expert technicians will know what is necessary to eliminate this pest quickly and easily.