Brown Dog Tick Removal Services

Although not very common, brown dog ticks can also transmit diseases to humans, one of which is known as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Call Drake Lawn & Pest Control today to eradicate the tick and get rid of the pest problem.

What is the Brown Dog Tick?

Brown dog ticks rarely prey on humans but are extremely hazardous for our pets, so the need for Orlando pest control is sometimes critical. These rather large ticks will attach themselves to a dog’s skin normally between the ears or between the toes. These pests can be a brutal nuisance for our furry friends and even produce diseases such as Canine Babesiosis and Canine Ehrlichiosis.

Where Do Brown Dog Ticks Live?

Brown dog ticks thrive in warm and dry environments. They especially love an indoor setting and are unique because they can live their entire life indoors. Many people are not aware that there are pests such as brown dog ticks living inside their home at any given time. The risk of finding brown dog ticks in your home increases for pet owners because the animals can easily pick up and retain the ticks when they go outside.

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How to Remove the Brown Dog Tick

Brown dog ticks usually enter the household via animals and then transfer to humans, so it is imperative to try and remove these from the animal first if possible. These ticks are good at burrowing deep within the fur, so you will need to look thoroughly for any signs of ticks on your pets. Use a fine tooth comb to go through your pet’s fur and be on the lookout for any sign of the tick.
The process is similar for finding ticks on your own body. If the tick has attached itself to your skin, it is much easier to find as opposed to if it has attached to an area such as your head with a good amount of hair. While taking a shower you can do a quick self-examination of your body and also while shampooing, feel your scalp for any bumps. If you feel a bump, there is a significant chance that it could be a tick. This is especially true if you have recently been outside, in the woods, or hiking.

How to Prevent Brown Dog Tick Infestation

An important step to preventing brown dog ticks from entering your home is to make sure your dog or cat is healthy with regular visits to the vet. In addition to the basic checkup of your animals health, you will see a lot of benefit from having a home tick prevention plan. A good home tick prevention plan can include:

• Make sure your pet takes flea and tick prevention medication
• Examine dogs and other pets to find any threat of brown dog ticks or other pests and promptly remove them
• Keep your home clean by vacuuming and dusting regularly to dissuade ticks

Ticks are particularly troublesome pests to get rid of, but luckily, we here at Drake Lawn & Pest Control take tremendous pride in eradicating these little nuisances in order to restore comfort for you, your family, and your furry loved ones. Not only can these little creatures be an annoyance, but they can cause serious harm by spreading disease. It is very wise to hire a pest control professional in order to make sure a small problem does not become a major disaster.

Our trained professionals take joy in controlling any threat of brown dog ticks and similar pests. Rest assured that we will take your home into our caring hands and design a safe and effective extermination plan custom made just for you. If you are noticing any sign of an infestation, then it is strongly advised that you reach out to a pest professional today.