Millipedes Removal Services

Millipedes belong outside and that is typically where you will find them. They are found in moist areas such as piles of leaves. In their natural habitat, millipedes play an important role in the process of decomposition since their normal diet consists of things like rotting wood or decaying leaves. Without millipedes and other animals like them, dead leaves would massively accumulate each year. However, sometimes they can become a pest and you may need to call a company like Drake Lawn & Pest to help.

What is a millipede?

The common millipede is an arthropod, which mean that it is related to insects but is not a proper insect. Millipedes and centipedes are part of their own subphylum, Myriapoda. This is a Latin term that means, “10000 legs”. While millipedes don’t have that many legs, they do have plenty to spare. A millipede’s body is made of many small segments and each segment has two pairs of legs. It is this body form that allows them to curl up in a self-defensive spiral.

Are millipedes dangerous?

If you have a greenhouse, millipedes can be a problem as they are attracted to the moisture in seedbeds and can do damage to young seedlings.
In your home however, millipedes are considered a nuisance, but not a significant danger or threat. They do not damage your home like other pests such as termites or carpenter ants. The most harm these bugs pose are that some secrete a defensive substance that can mildly irritate human skin. The main threat of the millipede is being an unwelcome surprise, making homeowners feel that they may not have kept things clean enough. However, millipedes are not attracted to human food or trash. They typically enter your home in the search for a humid climate where in some parts of the country, millipede infestation can happen when the outdoor climate begins to dry in the late fall or winter months.

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How to control millipedes in your home?

At Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we know that you want to keep pests on the outside of your home. Here are a few things you can do to keep millipedes in your yard and not in your basement.

• Remove excessive mulch from garden beds around your home. This prevents millipedes from setting up camp close to your house.

• Leave a six-inch gap between mulched beds and the foundation of your home.

• Clear any leaves that have blown up against your house. This removes a natural food source from close proximity to your home.

• Repair leaky outdoor faucets. The moisture can attract millipedes as well as other pests. If they are not living near your home, it is less like they will find their way inside.

If you do find millipedes inside your home, don’t panic. As mentioned above, they do not pose any danger and will not live long inside your house if there is not a food source for them. A broom and dustpan or vacuum are good tools for removing a couple of millipedes.

How Drake Lawn & Pest Control can help?

If millipedes are a recurring problem for you, let us help. Our expert pest control technicians will come and inspect your home, looking for the places where millipedes might be crawling in. By applying our bi-annual Termidor treatment, we can provide year-round protection from millipedes and other unwelcome guests. We guarantee that we can remove the pests from your home. Give us a call today.