Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

The principals behind Drake Lawn & Pest Control have been in the lawn care and pest control industry for nearly 50 years. Decades of experience mean we have a deep understanding of Central Florida’s landscapes and the variables that affect them, making us uniquely qualified to design highly efficient, low maintenance irrigation systems suited to the needs of your property.

Decades of Experience


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Irrigation Maintenance and Repair Services

Our irrigation experts are highly-trained and have been certified by the state of Florida. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure your system delivers maximum results while conserving water by up to 30%.

Water conservation begins with the proper heads and rotors, providing adequate coverage without additional waste. We inspect your system to determine if areas outside your landscape, such as streets, sidewalks, or houses, are being irrigated and adjust your sprinkler heads to correct the problem.

We also help your system conserve water by adjusting your controller to irrigate in the early morning, when the water evaporates less quickly and has ample time to hydrate the lawn.

Irrigation Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Head and Nozzle replacement Free of Charge
  • Adjusting and straightening heads for adequate coverage
  • Inspecting rotors to ensure rotation and oscillation
  • Inspecting pipes for leaks and breaks
  • Inspecting rain sensors
  • Cleaning master filter
  • Testing and programming controllers
  • Running a test cycle for each zone


Diagnosing Drought and Drought Maintenance

During certain times of the year here in central Florida, we may experience periods of drought, which place a lot of stress on our lawn and landscape for irrigation needs.

When these irrigation needs go unmet, a common site during this time is a brown area in your lawn. But how do you know if its dry or something else?

The experts here at Drake Lawn & Pest Control diagnose drought through a few simple steps.

  • If you can walk through your grass and see your footprints, and they don’t bounce back quickly, that is usually a sign of dryness.
  • Next, we look at the grass blades ….where grass is getting sufficient irrigation, your grass blades will be open. When your grass is in a state of drought, your grass blades will be closed lengthwise.

One of the most certain ways to diagnose drought is to look at the soil. If we dig down and look at the soil in a green area of the lawn, we will find moist soil, because it is getting proper irrigation.

If we dig down in an area of the lawn …at least 4-6 inches … that we think may be caused by lack of water …and the soil is very dry …we most certainly have an area in drought.

Now that we have determined the lawn is not getting sufficient water, lets turn on the irrigation system and see if we have a coverage issue.

These issues can be wide ranging. We see heads not popping up because its trapped under St Augustine runners …nozzles missing so its shooting straight up in the air ….heads not positioned correctly so the pattern is missing the area of concern entirely…and many others.

You may run the irrigation system and find that the coverage is just fine. Then that should tell you that the zone in question just not putting out enough water per cycle or that you need to increase the watering frequency.

We recommend applying 1 inch of water per watering cycle …as this will promote a deeper root system, which will create a healthy lawn, and a more drought tolerant turfgrass.

Quality Equipment, Dependable Results


Sprinkler System Design and Installation

When designing irrigation systems, we take several factors into consideration to ensure best results. These include water pressure, existing plumbing and electrical systems, yard size, turf type, plant type and placement, sun and shade, and expected future growth of all trees and plants. We evaluate these factors and consider your current and future needs, ensuring that your new sprinkler system provides uniform coverage well into the future.

Using high-quality, dependable equipment also helps to ensure system efficiency and reliability. We use proven products known for their quality and craftsmanship, such as those by Hunter Industries.