TAP Attic Insulation

We utilize the best TAP® Pest Control Insulation technologies in our attic insulation pest control throughout your home. But what exactly goes into the insulation itself and what benefits does it have?



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TAP Insulation Guarantee

For the lifetime of the structure, TAP Pest Control Insulation will be free from manufacturing defects and not deteriorate under normal and proper use, which include the pesticide, its active ingredient, and the fire retardant treatment.

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TAP® Protects the Home

Because of the pesticides in the insulation, insects are unable to build up a tolerance to TAP® as they are able with organic treatments. You never need to re-treat the insulation, and it controls ants, cockroaches, silver fish, termites, and others.

Pesticides Containing Boric Acid

The active ingredient in TAP® is Technical Grade Boric Acid, and is found in common products like saline solution for eyes, detergents, and even some foods. Though deadly to many insects, TAP® is safe for use around pets and people.

Decrease Energy Bills and Save $$

TAP® is an insulation, and therefore it will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means your AC/Heat will run less and your energy use will be even more efficient!

Peace and Quiet

Insulation is a great thing in that it can help reduce sound from the outside world. TAP® not only reduces air and traffic noise, but also can help reduce in home noise as well! Giving you peace and quiet.

Green and Safe

TAP® is an insulation made from all-natural ingredients and old recycled newsprint. Controlling pests doesn’t have to be bad for the environment, as TAP® will save energy, reserve landfill space, and be effective through the life of your home.

Fits Perfectly

TAP® will mold to the shape of any space that it’s put in, whether it’s attic space, or walls. Leaving no gaps and covering all nooks. TAP® helps block heat transfer as well!

Fire Safety

Never fear. TAP® is a fire-retardant insulation that will limit the spread of fire with both flame and smolder combustion resistance.

Sound Absorption Performance

TAP® or Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation is capable of not only fighting pests, but reducing external and internal noise. The composition of TAP includes the pores and voids obtained during the process of breaking apart the wood-based fibers from the newsprint used to make it, and these pres and voids are capable of absorbing a great deal of unwanted noise.

Airplanes, lawnmowers, street traffic, or any outside of the home disturbance can be reduced through TAP®, giving you peace of mind. It’s also more than capable of reducing inside the home noise to reduce toilet and appliance noise, amongst others. Unlike fiberglass, TAP® isn’t cut on site and stuffed into the cavity without proper measurement; in fact, TAP® will form and fill the entire cavity smoothly, thus reducing room for sound to escape.

Acoustical Property Specs

Measuring sound-deadening abilities is done via term called Sound Transmission Class (STC). The higher the STC, the more sound is reduced.

STC RATINGDescription of Performance
30Understand loud speech
35Audible loud speech but unintelligible
42Audible loud speech as a murmur
45Strain to hear loud speech
48Very little loud speech barely audible
50Inaudible loud speech

An empty wall is rated around 35 STC, with fiberglass insulations coming at around 39 STC, and cellulose coming in at 44 STC.