Beetle Removal Services

With more than 250,000 species of beetles in the world, some of them are bound to find their way into homes and businesses from time to time – especially during cold weather months. Beetles come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, where they can be big, small, oval or round. With that being said, there are also certain characteristics all beetles have in common. They all have antennae that are well developed and they have mouths with excellent chewing abilities. When dealing with a beetle infestation, you often times need to call in a professional to help.


Beetles have a four stage life cycle – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The length of the lifespan is different from species to species and can be dependent upon the food source and habitat. Certain species, like grubs or elm leaf beetles, can infest landscaping and cause extensive damage to lawns.

Beetles such as carpet larvae or grain beetles, can cause problems for home and business owners. Left untreated, these types of beetles can destroy wood, carpets, fabrics, and leather. Ultimately, beetles can and will destroy furniture and infest food pantries. Beetles enter interior areas through small openings around doors or through gaps in and around the foundation of houses or buildings, even entering through slight openings around windows. Beetles can also be transported inside unknowingly on fabrics, furniture, cut flowers or houseplants, and even firewood.

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Preventative measures such as routinely sealing cracks around exterior doors and caulking around windows may help minimize the chances of beetles coming inside. Thorough cleaning habits and not leaving out foods that attract beetles will also do a considerable amount of help. Consider storing dry foods such as cereals, flours, and corn meal in the refrigerator or in airtight storage containers and also be sure to always inspect any plants or wood that you bring in from outdoors.

Some types of beetles that enter a home, like the popular lady bugs of fall, or those attracted to lights are nothing more than a nuisance. They can easily be removed by being swept away or vacuumed quickly. Although these methods may be effective in the moment, a beetle infestation often requires a pest management professional.


A complete inspection of your home, business, or property will accurately identify the exact species of beetle in order to effectively treat all of the life cycle phases in the infected area. An inaccurate identification or inspection however will ultimately result in ineffective treatment and continued infestation.

A pest management technician will always recognize signs of damage and know the types of foods, fabrics, and wood that beetles infest. The treatment plan may include pheromone-based traps that will help determine population and infestation sites, and may also include insect growth regulators.

If products are required as part of the treatment, they will be used in accordance with the product’s approved label and directions. The products we utilize are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

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