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Termites are tactful and quiet; they live inside of wood and beneath the ground, making them harder to identify than other pests. A typical colony can house more than 350,000 termites, which can create costly problems if they find a way into your homes foundation. In Florida, you can find subterranean termites or drywood termites around the house. Although an inspection by one of our Drake Pest Professionals is available, here are five tips to recognize a termite problem in or around your home.

  1. Check areas around your garden, especially gardens decorate with mulch or other outside plants. Materials like mulch can contain moisture, which creates a prime location for termites to make your home their own.
  2. Keep firewood away from the house and remove any stumps. Termite colonies can expand and migrate if there’s a food source available.
  3. Termites leave behind a trail; if you find any detached wings or droppings this could be an indication of termite activity. Termites shed their clear wings when they find a place where they can nest and reproduce.
  4. Termites are drawn toward warm, damp places, which makes anywhere in Florida ideal. It’s advised you repair any additional moisture problems in the house including leaky pipes or moisture created from air conditioning units.
  5. Definite warnings signs are cracked or bubbling paint, this can either be from additional moisture or termites. A more obvious sign of an infestation is mud tubes, sometimes called shelter tubes. They are built by combining soil and wood together with termite saliva and liquid anal secretions that form a termite “cement”. Mud tubes are used for termites to search for additional food sources.

Termites are a constant threat to homes in Florida; eliminating moisture and termite food like wood is a huge part of keeping termites away. Routine inspections and maintenance are other key steps to ensure termite prevention all year; here at Drake Pest we have effective and sustainable termite protective plans available.