Winter Park, FL — There are a wide variety of things that go into maintaining a quality home. One of these things is pest control.

Whether it be inside or outside, pests from the outside world try to invite themselves into a living space where they are not wanted, and it’s vital to the health and integrity of the home to get rid of them.

Another important element to a quality home involves lawn care. The lawn is the only part of the house that truly everyone sees and is what makes the very first impression. Whether it be for an upcoming outdoor event or just for general upkeep, a nice lawn can really help to bring the whole place together and can also help discourage the pests mentioned above from gathering.

When hiring companies to deal with these issues, it is important for a homeowner to put their faith in companies that they can trust. Winter Park, FL residents have learned that Drake Lawn & Pest Control is one such company. As a trustworthy company that specializes in both lawn care and pest control, customers only need to put their faith in one company to get all of their required services completed.

Drake Lawn & Pest Control is located in Winter Park, Florida, and they are striving to become the leaders in the pest control and lawn care industry in Orlando. They have been working towards this goal for over fourteen years with their Orlando lawn care and pest control services. That is why they have such a strong understanding of the customer and the customer’s needs.

They respond to any calls within twenty-four hours’ time. All of the technicians that work for Drake Lawn & Pest Control are state certified. This way every customer can rest assured that they are working with trained professionals.

Drake Lawn & Pest Control has a lot of positive missions at the foundation of their philosophy. They want to create strong and lasting relationships with their customers, and their 50 years of successful industry experience indicates that they have been rather successful at that goal. This creation of a relationship helps a customer feel free to express exactly what they want whether it be sprinkler and irrigation services or pest control help.

This company offers a wide variety of services within both lawn care and pest control. When it comes to lawn care, they offer weed control, fertilization, chinch bug control, many sprinkler and irrigation services as well as sprinkler system installation in Orlando. If those sprinklers eventually break, Drake Lawn & Pest Control also offers sprinkler repair for Orlando. For pest control, Drake Lawn & Pest Control also offers a variety of personalized services such as termite protection or all-around exterminations of the specific pests that a person has or may have in their home.

As Drake Lawn & Pest Control celebrate their 14 years in business, as well as their new irrigation service manager, Mr. John Martin, the Winter Park, and Orlando residents are surely celebrating having such a reliable and quality lawn and pest control service they can lean on.

If you want to prevent termites from getting in, or you think you already have a pest infestation in Central Florida, contact Drake Lawn & Pest and schedule a FREE home estimate at 1-866-685-0188 or click HERE.