The Sunshine State is home to various spiders, from the common house spider to the more dangerous black widow. This article will introduce you to some of these common Florida spiders and discuss what they eat and where they live. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call our pest control in Orlando!

Spiny Orb-Weaver

Spiny Orb-Weavers are tiny spiders with spines on their abdomens. They build spherical webs of about 30 inches in diameter, making them easy to spot. Although they prefer woodsy areas and gardens where insects are abundant, these orb weavers can be found throughout Florida.

House Spider

The house spider is widespread throughout the United States, and its web is a familiar sight in Florida. These spiders live indoors, catching insects on their webs to eat for dinner. They prefer dark crevices to build their nests in, so be sure not to disturb any that you find near your home.

Black Widow

The Black widow spider makes an appearance here in the Sunshine State, and it is a dangerous one. If you find a web with an egg sack in Florida, chances are that the female black widow spider who built it is nearby. These spiders tend to live near woodpiles or other areas where they can easily hide from predators.

Pine Spider

The Pine spider’s bright orange color makes him stand out from his surroundings, and it is a good thing too. These spiders are venomous hunters who work hard to keep their homes clean of insects. They can be found throughout Florida’s wooded areas, where they make their webs in the pine needles above your head.

Wolf Spider

The Wolf spider spends most of her time on the ground hunting for food, and she does not build a web at all. If you see something that looks like an over-sized cricket crawling along the sidewalk or ground of Florida, it’s probably just your average wolf spider. These spiders are good hunters who eat insects and other pests in gardens and homes.

Bold Jumping Spider

The Bold Jumping spider loves to play hide and seek. Although he prefers the company of humans, this spider also likes to make his home in or near houses. So if you see one of these tiny jumpers on your window screen, consider yourself lucky. They eat lots of insects like mosquitoes and flies, keeping Florida healthier for everyone around.

Banana Spider

Banana spiders are one of the largest arachnids in Florida, and they capture their prey with their large webs. They can be seen hanging upside down from trees or other tall objects near your home, waiting for some unsuspecting insect to get caught in its web. Banana spiders make a tasty meal for birds and other predators, but they themselves eat lots of spiders.

Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman spider is one of the largest spiders in all of Florida, and it can grow to be almost four inches long. These big guys like to make their webs near human homes where they can eat insects that are attracted by lights at night. They do not build traditional webs; instead, you’ll find them hiding under bark or leaves during the day.

Brown Recluse Spider

The Brown Recluse Spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in Florida, and its bite can be fatal. These recluses like to eat insects, but they also enjoy eating other brown recluses. If you find this spider around your home or yard, make sure that it does not end up inside where it might come into contact with other humans.


There are many different types of spiders that you might find in Florida. Most of them are harmless to humans, but some can be dangerous if they bite you. If you notice a spider crawling on your floor or wall at home and recognize it as a dangerous species, do not touch it and call an exterminator instead so they can take care of the problem properly.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think you’re dealing with a spider infestation in your home, and we’ll come to your rescue!