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Ants may be small but can turn into a huge setback if left untreated. The National Pest Control Association reports that ants have become the number one pest problem.

These pests are about 1/8” long appearing black or brown. Though tiny, they develop into large colonies. Their colonies can range in size from hundreds to several thousands of ants. They also only have an incubation period of two weeks to one month. This problem can escalate very quickly because ant colonies can have several queens depositing a new egg every day.

Ants reproduce less in colder weather, but make an effort to find shelter inside. Ants typically construct their nests inside walls, under carpets, in cabinets, and around water pipes and heaters. House ants often forage for food in long trails throughout household surfaces potentially contaminating food products.

Solving an ant infestation can be difficult. If you think you have ants check around your home for cracks in the building. It’s important to keep up with landscape, including potted plants; this will reduce the risk of any home invasion. Contact Drake Pest Control if you notice ants in your home immediately before it becomes a serious problem.