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Florida serves as the ideal climate for a lot of common pests. Insects and animals can spread numerous amounts of diseases, contaminate food, and damage your property. When it comes to pest control, home and businesses can trust Drake Lawn & Pest Control services to get rid of your uninvited guests permanently.

If you notice a roach scurrying across your kitchen tile or see a rat in the garage, it might be a mystery to you where other pests could be hiding. When you contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control services, we send one of our trained pest control service professionals out to your property to evaluate your home to clear out your infestation and figure out an action plan to rid you of your pests. A free estimate will be based on your property and to address your specific needs.

Once you have approved your estimate, we can schedule your first service call. We take pride in our pest control services, and our customers tell us they choose Drake Lawn & Pest Control due to our exceptional customer service and the quality of our work. Within our company, we conduct thorough background checks and drug testing to ensure all of our employees will treat your house and property with the same respect we would treat our own homes.

Deltona Pest Control Services

Our highly skilled pest control specialists at Drake Lawn & Pest Control are equipped to deal with all of your pest control problems. Homeowners can depend on Drake Lawn & Pest Control to assist them with the following:

Palmetto Bugs, Roaches and Water Bugs

One of the most common and unwanted insects people tend to see in their house are cockroaches. Although these insects are referred to in different names, it doesn’t stop them from adapting and hiding in our kitchen, bathrooms, or foraging at night. Roaches can live off of everything, and they can leave a foul smell, ruin your food, as well as, damage your books or other materials. Drake Lawn & Pest Control methods can keep these annoying pests out of your home for good.

Termite Control

The pest that causes the most structural damage to your home is a termite, which eats the cellulose in the wood that supports the foundation of your home and exterior. A primary reason people don’t notice termites until it’s too late is due to the main species most common in Florida being the subterranean termite. These particular termite colonies exist underground and can have millions of members. Therefore, when it comes to these pests, you want to make sure a highly experienced pest control specialist handles the situation.


If the itchy discomfort of mosquitoes bites weren’t enough, these pests can transmit the Zika and West Nile virus. Homeowners often try to handle this issue on their own, but still, find it very challenging to rid themselves of mosquitoes entirely. Mosquitoes can make what should be a joyful time in Florida weather, a troubled time of continually swatting away these pests and avoiding being bitten. Drake Lawn & Pest Control has adequate methods of eliminating mosquitoes. Therefore, when you’re outside, you can feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful weather that Florida has to offer.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become an increasing problem across the country and especially in areas throughout Orlando. Furthermore, the skin irritation that people are experiencing as a result of bed bugs is becoming an alarming problem. Homeowners are reporting loss of sleep and even allergic reactions. Due to their size, bed bugs are tough to notice without the assistance of a trained professional. Fortunately, homeowners can rely on Drake Lawn & Pest Control services to find where these invisible pests are hiding and create an effective strategy to eliminate your bed bug problem.

Rodents & Wildlife

Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, oh my! These animals a lot of the times can make their home in your attic, crawl spaces, and within your walls. The damage that can occur from these larger pests can be significant, from chewed electrical wires to contaminated surfaces. Drake Lawn & Pest Control knows how to trap these wildlife animals and keep them from taking up residence inside of your house.


Bats may be able to perform their own form of pest control on your property; however, they can bring their problems when they decide to set up their bat cave in and around your roof or attic. They can make a lot of noise, emit a foul odor, and they can also transmit rabies and other serious health risks with their guano. Drake Lawn & Pest Control has the skills to humanely relocate these winged mammals while also preventing them from coming back.

Bees & Wasps

Nobody enjoys getting stung by a bee, and stings can be very painful especially since a lot of people have allergic reactions to them, which lead to people dealing with severe swelling and difficulty breathing. Whenever you spot a colony nest in a wall cavity on your roofline or in a light fixture, it’s crucial to quickly and safely get it removed before you or your guests get stung. Rather than getting stung, let the pest control specialists handle your bee and wasp problems.

Fleas & Ticks

As much as people would like, fleas and ticks are not immune to pest problems and sometimes that brings other guests with them into your home. Flea bites can be very annoying and cause skin irritation in both humans and to your pets if you have any. Ticks can spread deadly diseases, including Lyme disease. Drake Lawn & Pest Control professionals can put a plan in place that way you don’t have to worry about these inconvenient pests and keep your house safe from diseases.


A vast amount of people have a fear of seeing a spider in their home, and many homeowners can’t tell the difference of a poisonous spider and non-venomous spider species. If you’re doing anything in your attic or the garage such as looking through old boxes and deep cleaning; there’s a good chance you can intrude on a spider’s home, which might lead to you getting bit. Drake Lawn & Pest Control services will visit your home and help you identify the kind of spiders that are residing in your home and see if they are poisonous; then make sure those creepy crawlers stay away.


People are relatively familiar with seeing ants throughout their house; however, that doesn’t mean their company is enjoyed. Ants can bite you, which lead to pain, swelling, and discomfort. Whether you have carpenter ants, ghost ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants, or rover ants; Drake Lawn & Pest Control have the skills to seal your entry points and keep the ants outside where they belong.

No matter what kind of pests you have in your home, Drake Lawn & Pest Control is a service that is reliable.

More About Deltona, FL

Deltona is the populous city in all of Volusia County, FL. It lies in the northern part of Lake Monroe, as well as along the St. Johns River. It was formerly referred to as Deltona Lakes as well as was originally established to be a community area. After its opening in 1962, the community has expanded greatly. The initial occupants of the location were the nomadic Timucuans, that prospered off of the water and fish common in the area. Currently, it is house to roughly 85,000 individuals, making it arguably among one of the most thriving areas in the greater Orlando location.

If you’re seeking something enjoyable to do in the area, make sure to look into the Lyonia Preserve wildlife haven or the Dewey O Boster Sports Complex.

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