For homeowners, the arrival of spring and warmer weather means finally being able to enjoy some leisure time outdoors – hosting barbecues on the patio, reading a book on the hammock, or relaxing in the yard. However, the warmer seasons also bring the nuisance of mosquitoes that pose not only an irritating distraction but also serious health risks. Let’s look at how you can improve mosquito control and why you should hire pest services for mosquitos for a bite-free outdoor experience at home.

Tips For Effective Mosquito Control

Eliminating Breeding Sites

Regularly eliminating any standing water sources on your property will help disrupt the mosquito life cycle and reduce mosquito populations around your home.

Here are some ways you can eliminate potential breeding sites:

  • Drain or fill in low areas of the yard where water can collect and become stagnant. Mosquitoes can breed in puddles that form after heavy rains.
  • Regularly empty and scrub out containers like plant pots, bird baths, fountains, or rain barrels that hold standing water. Even small amounts allow mosquitoes to breed.
  • Clear out gutters so that rainwater drains properly. Clogged gutters can create pools of stagnant.
  • Change the water in pet food and water dishes frequently. Flush birdbaths and wading pools weekly. Keep swimming pools chlorinated and filtered. Drain any water that collects on pool covers.
  • Maintain drainage ditches and remove excess vegetation or obstructions so water flows freely.

Using Protective Barriers

Using protective barriers is an effective way to avoid mosquito bites when spending time outdoors. Consider screen enclosures or ceiling-to-floor screens on the perimeter of your patio to create a physical barrier that keeps out mosquitoes. Mosquito netting can also be draped from overhead beams, rafters, or cables to create an airy canopy, while some homeowners hang outdoor curtains around the patio perimeter.

Applying Repellents

Applying EPA-registered repellents containing effective active ingredients like DEET can provide protection against mosquito bites when used properly. Be sure to check the product labels for the percentage of active ingredients and aim for 20-50% DEET or 20% picaridin for longer defense. When you integrate repellents with protective clothing, netting and other barriers, you’ll be able to minimize mosquito bites when spending time outdoors.

Professional Pest Control

While you could try the tips above to reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes, one of the most crucial steps you can take is to hire professional pest control.

A licensed, experienced exterminator will be able to inspect your property and implement a comprehensive mosquito elimination plan. Additionally, our professionals have specialized equipment and commercial-grade insecticides that are not available to homeowners. This allows us to reach breeding grounds and effectively target adult mosquitoes.

We can also apply residual sprays around the perimeter of your home and in mosquito harborage areas to kill mosquitoes on contact and provide lasting control. Some mosquito control techniques may include using truck-mounted misting to spray large areas or releasing mosquito-killing bacteria into standing water.

When you hire our professionals, you can trust that we know the biology and behavior patterns of mosquitoes in our specific region and can advise you on sanitation measures, drainage issues, and mosquito-proofing your home. Partnering with our professional pest control experts will allow maximum mosquito reduction around your home.

Protect Your Family From Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes can quickly multiply and take over your backyard during the warmer months, making it uncomfortable to relax or entertain outdoors. However, there are several proactive steps homeowners can take to reduce mosquitoes and create a more enjoyable outdoor living space.

Eliminating standing water and breeding sites, installing protective barriers, applying repellents, and hiring professional pest control can all be part of an integrated mosquito plan. By disrupting the mosquito lifecycle, you can minimize mosquito activity at home. Call Drake Lawn & Pest Control today to take control of mosquitoes on your property!