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Wolf spiders are robust brown spiders that can grow up to two inches in size, though their hair and limbs can make them appear larger. Though wolf spiders are not as dangerous as they look, that doesn’t stop them from having a terrifying appearance similar to that of a deadly brown recluse.

They begin to come near homes around this time of year to find a warm place to live during the winter season. If you have ever seen a wolf spider in your house there is a chance it has either been in your bathroom or near it. This is with strong reasoning; wolf spiders drink and like to live near water.

An extreme caution is if you think you are in the presence of a female wolf spider. Females typically carry their egg sacs on their backs; after they hatch the newborn spiders will still continue to ride on the mother’s back until they are halfway grown. If you encounter this and try to kill the spider, there is a strong chance that it will cause the newborns to disperse as well. If this happens contact a professional immediately to manage the situation.

Wolf spiders are not known to be aggressive but will bite if they feel that they are in danger. If bitten, it’s always a safe bet to seek medical attention but keep in mind that their bites contain non-lethal poisonous venom.

The wolf spider is common to Florida and can be found around homes that have a favorable habitat. Keep woodpiles away from the house and ensure all cracks are sealed. If you feel that wolf spiders have become a problem for you contact Drake Pest Control, we have the training and capability to form a finite solution.