The Ghost Ant has been a nuisance to Central Florida residents since 1988. Their interesting name comes from the pale color of their legs and abdomen, which make these ants sometimes difficult to see. They are also extremely small and measure at approximately 1.3 to 1.5 mm long.

Ghost Ants are related to odorous and pesky house ants that are also found all across Florida. Like the house ant, they do not typically bite unless their nest is threatened. Bites are not hazardous, they typically result in little discomfort with little or no evidence of a reaction. Like any pest, Ghost Ants are still capable of carrying bacteria or diseases into your home. This is problematic for those who have children, elderly, or pets in the home.

A Ghost Ants food of choice are sweets, greasy foods, and insects. Which means you’re likely to find these pests in places like kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure you take out your trash regularly, clean surfaces, sweep floors, and keep all food tightly sealed if believe you have an infestation. Check windows and doors for small cracks as well where the ant could have entered the home.

This ant is highly adaptable in its nesting behavior meaning it can find a place in your home inside or out. Colonies will also form multiple nest sites in one home. When they create a nest indoors, they are found in baseboards, flowerpots, and inside wall voids. Outdoors, Ghost Ants like to nest under stones, logs, and piles of wood.

Because Ghost Ants create multiple nesting sites, time and patience is required when controlling an infestation and cases like these are better left to professionals. Avoid the inconvenience of handling pest problems by yourself by calling our Drake Lawn & Pest Care professionals. We offer FREE evaluations and provide a guarantee of good service to our customers. We provide quality pest services to both commercial and residential areas all across Orlando and Central Florida. Contact us HERE to schedule your pest inspection today!