Many people believe that doing their own pest control around their home could save a lot of time and money, but that is entirely far from the truth. Some people may be unaware of the dangers of doing their own pest control, especially if they are inexperienced. These downsides, amongst many other reasons, are exactly why it is a bad idea to do your own pest control in Orlando.

The Downsides of Doing Your Own Pest Control

Health and Safety Risks

Doing pest control means that you will be working with harsh chemicals all around your house. If you are inexperienced with the chemicals in question, you could potentially harm yourself and those who live with you.

The environment around your house could also be negatively affected by the chemicals, if they are used incorrectly. They could contaminate the food, water and other essential objects inside your house. Your children and pets will also be extremely vulnerable to the chemicals you administer. Bear in mind that an inexperienced administration job could be deadly to them. Also, don’t forget that you risk being bitten by dangerous pests.

Health and safety is one of the most essential considerations when working with harsh chemicals. Professional pest controllers will know what type of chemicals to use for pest control and how to administer them. It is best to allow trained professionals to handle the pest control jobs in your home to avoid health and safety hazards for you and your family.


Inexperience with the tools and chemicals needed for pest control will only result in disaster. Proper pest control requires you to know which chemicals to use, how much of each chemical you will need to use, which tools to use, how to use those tools, and how to adhere to health and safety standards to keep yourself and others safe.

You will still need to be wary of using chemicals that are usually safe for humans because they could still be harmful to animals. An experienced pest control professional will eliminate the chance of complications due to chemical administration by inexperienced hands.

Waste of Time and Money

Some people believe that doing the pest control work themselves will cut costs and save time. But the truth is that trying to do the work by yourself will have quite the opposite effect. There is a chance that you will end up buying the wrong treatments or spending more for supplies that you might not even use.

Additionally, you would still need to figure out how to administer the treatments correctly. It would be more efficient for your time and money to go ahead and contact a professional exterminator. They will be able to complete the job in a timely manner and you would not have to worry about complications with the chemicals.


There will be a much lower health and safety risk if you let a professional pest controller handle the pest infestation. You will also save time and you can rest assured that the people, pets, and environment around you will not be harmed in the process. Put away the gloves and chemicals that will leave you fumbling and leave the work to the professionals!