When it comes to your home or workplace, the last thing you want to worry about is the presence of pests. These unwanted guests can appear in a variety of ways, and the damage they can cause range from minor inconveniences to significant destruction. In light of that, it is extremely important to deal with such pests immediately and comprehensively.

This is where Orlando pest control experts come into play. Relying on consumer solutions can only get you so far, but when you need to root out a persistent problem, their expertise and know-how will serve you better. If you are spending money, it might as well be on the people who can get the job done swiftly and efficiently.

That said, there is a range of treatments depending on the kind of pests you are facing. This also means that any pest control treatment you opt for will vary in its lasting effects and efficiency. The likes of termites and bed bugs are more difficult to deal with as compared to ants or silverfish, and you might need to revisit the solutions more often in comparison.

Products and solutions used will also affect the duration of these treatments. When combined with the different environments, climate, and conditions, there is no one answer that is definitive. Having the knowledge that there is no lifetime protection will ensure you get the most out of your pest control treatments from providers.

Types of Pest Control Treatments

While there are certainly general pest control treatments, it is the more troublesome pests that need specialized treatment to combat them. Here is a list of some of the more common pests that you will need help with:

  • Ants/Termites treatment
  • Bed Bugs treatment
  • Wasps/Bees treatment
  • Rats/Mice/Rodents Control

In addition to these, you can also consider other treatments that can help with securing your home or business in the long run. A property management treatment can help you with the less problematic issues first, while routine inspections and consultations are always vital in making sure you are still well protected.

Ant Treatment

To some of us, ants are not a big worry. However, ant infestations can be a big problem if left unchecked. It is necessary to address the little critters before things get out of hand. Food contamination and the spread of disease may be the least of your problems when it comes to ants.

For serious infestations, it will take more than just one instance of treatment to resolve the problem. In fact, in order for an effective ant treatment, a monthly visit should be conducted for three to six months at least, depending on the scope of the treatment used.

Aside from eliminating the existing ants in your premises, the experts will also be on the lookout for the anthill/nest. Removing this source will prevent recurring infestations. Following that, you can reduce visits to a quarterly basis to maintain order.

Termite Treatment

The potentially more dangerous termites are a whole other matter. These pests can cause massive destruction to your home or business from the inside without being discovered. The longer they are left unchecked, the worse your problems become. An immediate inspection should be conducted if you suspect a termite problem.

Thankfully, modern solutions have increased in effectiveness when dealing with these wood-borers. For those interested in a more intense solution, there is the option of liquid treatment. With the potential to last up to five years, the use of liquid pesticide solution will eliminate the pests without mercy. However, it does require more time to apply, and can have certain harmful effects to the environment.

Another method would be to use baiting stations. By installing these stations around the property, it will ensure the termites take the bait no matter where they may be. Once the bait is brought back to the colony, you can be sure you are rid of the problem at its source. However, the treatment is contingent on the termites actually taking the bait, and will require some time as well.

Bed Bugs Treatment

A more manageable problem, these pests may not carry or spread diseases, but they sure can annoy. Instead of dealing with constant bites on your skin, get an expert’s help. Bed bugs treatments tend to last indefinitely, but you must also identify the source.

These pests can gain access by hitching a ride on humans and animals. It is important to get rid of the source rather than rely on constant treatments when it comes to bed bugs.


Pest control treatments can certainly help you with your pest problems. Complement these solutions by making sure your environment is not catering to the invaders. Keep your surroundings clutter-free, clean, and free of trash. This way, pests can be taken care of more permanently.