During spring and summer, bugs are more likely to end up in your home and create unsanitary conditions for your home. They can squeeze through the smallest of spaces and end up hiding themselves in your home for shelter. There are many useful ways to insect-proof your house in preparation for the multitude of bugs that inevitably surround your house.

Insect Proofing the Outside of Your Home

Seal Your Doors and Windows

A door sweep along with a steel or aluminum threshold underneath the door will do an excellent job of keeping insects out of your home. Installing doors and windows with fine-mesh screening will also be efficient when it comes to preventing bugs from making their way inside. Be sure to check them frequently for holes or any other type of damage.

If they are damaged, consider replacing them quickly to prevent insects from crawling into your house through doors and windows.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Most types of debris can and will attract insects to your yard, so it is important that you clean your yard regularly. Keep trash out of your yard, mow your grass and keep mulch away from the foundation of your house in order to keep your yard as clean as possible.

Insects are also attracted to leaves, branches and foliage. They will likely make homes within them. Keep your yard clear from any foliage that lies closest to your house, and clear your gutter as well.

Windows and gutters are easy entryways for insects, so make sure you always keep them clean and protected.

Attract Birds and Bats

Birds and bats are natural predators for insects. Setting up a bird bath and/or bird feeder somewhere close to your house will help to prevent insects from coming anywhere near your house.

You can also plant trees or bushes for birds to nest in so they can gather insects for their babies and themselves. Set up a small birdhouse for bats to rest in during the day so they can hunt for insects during the night. Not only will you be protecting your home from insects with this method, you will also be providing birds and bats with an abundant food source.

Plant Flowers

Planting flowers will attract beneficial insects that will keep the more harmful insects out of your home. Certain types of flowers will attract a variety of predatory bugs that will ultimately protect your household from more pesky intruders.

For example, ladybugs will eat bugs that typically damage your plants. In addition to protecting your home from insects, the flowers will also give your home a more lively appearance with your visually appealing yard.


These methods are just a few ideas to help you protect your house from most harmful insects outside your home. Now, your house will have a better chance for receiving overall protection from an insect infestation. Not ready to take this on yourself? Give us a call for all of your Orlando pest control needs.