Most people tend to spray their homes for pests only during the warmer weather. Unfortunately, pest control is often neglected in the colder months since you may not notice many bugs in winter. Are pests really dormant during the cold seasons, though? The short answer is that while some pests may become less active, they are certainly still present.

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Do Some Pests Lay Dormant Depending on the Season?

The fact is, pests do not necessarily go dormant during the cold weather. You don’t see them as much because they do become less active than usual. However, it would be a mistake to be complacent and assume that they have left your home.


First off: whether pests hibernate or become less active depends on the actual climate and temperature. If you live somewhere like Florida, where winters tend to be milder, pests are often active for the entire year. In this case, it’s vital that you continue to get pest control for your home.

Pest Type

Some pests, like the resilient cockroach, will remain very active despite the season. You probably won’t see many cockroaches in the winter months, but they do like to hide in warm places like under your fridge or in cabinets or even in appliances.

Even if you might not notice them as much, you should still hire pest control experts to spray around your home to prevent these pests from tracking in bacteria or causing illnesses.

Staying Active

Some pests will continue to stay fairly active despite the weather, meaning that the cold will not affect them at all. This includes termites, which dig deeper tunnels in order to regulate their body temperatures.

The problem for you then is that it will be relatively difficult for you to even know that you have termite problems. This is where a professional will be able to handle these types of pests.

Dormant Sprays

The winter months are the best months to apply dormant sprays to keep pests away. These types of sprays are made to smother the eggs of some species and to destroy any bugs that are hibernating. In addition, the sprays stop them from breathing so that you don’t end up with bugs everywhere once the season changes.

House Cleaning

On your part, some simple cleaning and preventative work can go a long way. This means keeping an eye out for places where termites or cockroaches might hide and even cleaning your home of spiderwebs. Even if those spiders aren’t extremely active in the winter, vacuuming and using pesticides can help keep them away long-term.

Call a Professional

It’s a good idea to hire a professional pest control company like us during the winter months. Not only will this prevent any issues with bugs hatching during the summer, but this can work out to be less expensive overall.

After all, pest professionals are often busier during the summer months, which means it might be more difficult to quickly book a pest control service. Not to mention that it will be tougher to handle more active bugs by then.


Ultimately, there are a lot of pests that do not simply go dormant during the winter. Even the pests that do become less active are still causing problems in your home. This is why you should still do pest control even during the winter months to prevent any significant pest infestations. Don’t be complacent, and give us a call today to help you keep pests out of your home, regardless of the season!