Termite Control Jacksonville

Whether you have termites in your house or want to protect your home from these pests, our integrated A.I.M.® pest protection process works to assess your home, implement solutions, and monitor potential termite problems. We don’t just eliminate termites though! Visit our main page to see all the pests we can remove from your home. Without a thorough inspection of your home, termite activity can remain undetected for years.

Termites can thrive in Jacksonville due to the warmer local climate. At Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we handle termite control quickly and effectively to protect your home from significant termite damage. Many homeowners have no idea of a termite infestation until it’s too late. Whether you’re a homeowner worried about termites in your house or a local business owner, you can rely on Drake Lawn & Pest Control to get the job done. With almost 50 years of combined experience with pest control services between the company’s founders, we are proud to be an A+ BBB Accredited business that also has received the Angi Super Service Award multiple times.

Our Jacksonville FL Termite Control Service

Our termite control Jacksonville technicians perform thorough inspections of homes to identify any active infestations. If signs of termites are found, our experienced technicians will develop a customized treatment plan for the property.

The most common treatment method involves applying EPA-registered pesticides to the foundation and surrounding soil. This works to eliminate any existing termite colonies and prevent future colonies from damaging the home.

By using effective treatment methods approved by the EPA, our termite control service works to rid the property of termites and protect the structure from further damage. Ongoing inspections are also crucial as they allow technicians to identify and address any new activity before major damage occurs.

By using effective treatment methods approved by the EPA, our termite control service works to rid the property of termites and protect the structure from further damage. Ongoing inspections are also crucial as they allow technicians to identify and address any new activity before major damage occurs.

Overall, we aim to provide ongoing protection against the costly damage caused by termites through thorough inspections and targeted pest control treatments.

Benefits of Termite Control Services

Expert Knowledge: Our expert technicians have extensive experience identifying termites and the signs of an active infestation. Their expertise allows for accurate assessments and customized treatment plans developed using EPA-approved treatments that reliably eliminate existing colonies.

Early Detection and Prevention: Regular inspections by professional pest control companies like ours can help you discover termite infestations in their early stages before extensive damage occurs.

Save Time and Money: DIY methods are often inadequate and may require re-treatment, wasting your time and money. Professional services utilize effective methods that efficiently resolve infestations, protecting your property long-term so you won’t have to face costly repairs from neglected damage.

Peace of Mind: Our warranty and guarantee provides confidence that your home is thoroughly protected from termites with treatments conducted by trained experts, giving you reassurance that your biggest asset is secure.

Our Process

Inspection: Our trained technicians perform a comprehensive visual inspection of the home’s interior and exterior. They examine the structure, crawl spaces, attics, and surrounding areas for tell-tale signs of termite activity such as mud tubes and other damage.
Identification: If evidence of termites is found, our residential pest control experts work to the specific type of termite infestation (e. Subterranean termites, drywood termites). This determination helps to select the most effective treatment method.
Treatment Plan: Based on the inspection findings, we’ll create a customized pest control plan for the property. Common options include liquid termite treatment or baiting systems. We’ll also explain if any preparation is required prior to treatment, such as moving items, gaining access to areas, or setting up monitoring stations.
Application:With proper safety measures, the chosen EPA-registered termiticides are applied to the structure and surrounding areas.
Follow-Up Inspections:Regular inspections catch any new activity early before damage and confirm the treatment’s effectiveness over time.

Signs of Termite Activity


Termite colonies can mature in 3-5 years and begin to produce swarmers (winged termites). Swarming happens during the day, particularly on warm days after a Florida downpour. Swarmers are usually found near tree stumps and landscape timbers. This doesn’t mean your house is infested, but it serves as a reminder that termites do live around us. When swarming happens inside your home, it typically means you have an infestation somewhere in your house.

Mud tubes

Termites can either funnel through the soil, wood, or pencil size “mud tubes” where they build soil. You often find these tubes on foundation walls, floor joists, or other parts of your house. Tubes may also hang from the floor system or be seen protruding from cracks between boards and beams. Termites may also chew through sheetrock on walls or ceilings. If you happen to find an empty mud tube, that doesn’t mean the termites are gone, they may have just left this particular tube.

Termite Damage

We tend to think of termites as only eating wood. However, termites feed on about everything that contains cellulose, which is the main ingredient in wood. While termites are foraging and feeding, they may tunnel through non-cellulosic materials; such as plastic and foam board. In reality, the amount of damage that termites can cause depends on various factors. Due to the weather in Florida, termite activity can carry out through the entire year.

Why Choose Drake Lawn & Pest Control

Our pest protection and termite treatments are second to none. With almost 50 years of combined experience in pest control services between the founders of the company, we continually strive to maintain only the highest- customer satisfaction and enduring pest -defense throughout Central Florida. Drake Lawn & Pest Control is committed to keeping our client’s properties free of pests and is an A+ BBB Accredited business that also has received the Angi Super Service Award multiple times.

When a Drake Lawn & Pest Control Jacksonville professional knocks on your door, you know that they will be friendly, highly-trained, and professional. We are quick, non-invasive, and extremely knowledgeable. As a customer, you can feel confident our pest control Jacksonville FL specialists will handle your pest problem most safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the termite treatment process safe for my family?

When it comes to handling pest infestations, rest assured that our Jacksonville FL termite control professionals are trained and licensed to safely apply EPA-approved chemicals according to the industry standards. Precautions are taken to minimize contact and reentry times are observed.

How long will the process take?

Most applications take 4-8 hours but may require longer for large structures or if preparation work is needed.

How often should I get my home inspected for termites?

Annual termite inspections are recommended to catch any issues early. Some contracts include this as part of an ongoing proactive protection plan.

When is the best time to treat for termites?

Spring and summer are best as termites are most active above ground, and treatments tend to be most effective. However, keep in mind that termite control treatment can be done any time of year.

Can termites come back after treatment?

While frustrating, it’s possible for termites to return, and this does not inherently mean negligence on the part of the pest management company. Several factors can contribute to the possibility of reinfestation that are outside anyone’s control. For example, an unusually wet season may breach established barriers as the ground saturates, or nearby construction can disrupt treated soils.

This is why it’s important to hire a professional pest control company like us who backs our work with a solid guarantee. Drake Lawn and Pest Control will provide protection for the life of your home, including transfer of ownership, against Subterranean Termites. We’ll also retreat your home every 10 years at no additional cost above and beyond your renewal fee.

Take Back Control with Drake Lawn and Pest Control

Nothing ruins a comfortable home like the infestation of termites, but you don’t have to live with the stress of your pest problems. Don’t wait until the damage is done. Call us for a free termite inspection today!