When things go bump in the night in your home, it’s usually not a joyful sign, nor do you experience warm and fuzzy feelings. So, what do you do when you hear a startling noise in the attic at night? If you’re like most people, you probably sit very still to try and identify the sound. In the moment, a hurricane of questions come rushing into your head: Is a branch hitting the window? Is a squirrel playing hide and seek? Is something in the attic? Has someone broken into my home?

Various critters will look for places to seek shelter. For these critters your attic can appear to be the perfect spot to settle in for the long night and raise a family. While you may feel sympathy for these creatures, you don’t want them in your attic.

Banging Noise in the Attic: What Could it Be?

Trying to figure out what is making noise in your attic can help you determine what animal is taking up residence in your attic. Squirrels, mice, rats, bats, raccoons, and other rodents can all pick your attic as their perfect home. Often, these critters are just looking for shelter to hide out. However, females may want to build a nest in your attic to bare their young.

Many rodents live in Central Florida that could be making noise in your attic. It’s essential to take notice of what time of the day you hear these noises. If it’s in the morning, it’s most likely squirrels or birds. Bats, raccoons, mice, and rats are nocturnal creatures, so you mostly hear these animals at night.

If it’s possible, go into your attic and see if you can find evidence of the critters in your attic. Since these creatures come out and look for food, signs of droppings, or chew or claw marks on any surface will confirm your suspicions. You may also be able to spot loose insulation, which is evidence that an animal is trying to build a nest.

However, every noise you hear in the attic can’t be blamed on uninvited guests. If you have a loose attic vent or shutter on a window, this can make a banging noise in the wind. The air passing through ducts and radiators can also create a sound like critters nestling in your attic.

When you hear an unsettling noise in your attic and are trying to determine the cause, you’re probably dealing with one these four animals:

Raccoons usually are the heaviest of the pests. If you hear a loud noise, a raccoon could be stomping the ground. Be sure to listen for vocal sounds as well since raccoons like talking to each other.

Opossums or possums as most people refer to them are also another burdensome pest. These creatures prefer to live alone, but mating season runs from January through June, so during these times, you might find some possums thinking they’re in Paris. Possums are marsupials and can have up to seven little ones in their pouch. They mostly eat rodents, cockroaches, carrion, leftover human food, and pet food. If you do have pet food, don’t be surprised if the possums help themselves to a late-night dessert. If threatened, possums will make noises, urinate, and play dead. Most of the time, these animals are very quiet.

Squirrels can drop their nuts, acorns, or even jump; which can make a loud noise in your attic.

Birds can make a lot of noise as well. They access your home through your vents and open windows. When birds are building their nests in your attic, these feathered visitors can bring a lot of noise into your home.

If you hear scratching, you could be listening to mice, rats, squirrels, or even bats.

Rest in Silence with the Help of Drake Lawn & Pest Control Services

Having to hear noises in the night is never pleasant. Trying to figure out the source of the sound can become maddening. In situations like this, don’t let yourself get worked up over what goes bump in the night. Instead, call the trusted professionals at Drake Lawn & Pest Control services to restore your home to a calm, pest-free oasis.